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Having one child or having many

Being able to speak a foreign language is an advantage these days. Some people think that children should start learning a foreign language at primary school, while others think children should begin in secondary school.

Different organisations may choose to employ different styles of reinforcements or non at all. Commercial and non-commercial organisations may also use different approaches. One may use positive reinforcements to encourage repetition of the desired behaviours. Others may use negative reinforcements to discourage behaviours that are not in line with their policies. There are slight differences in how public and private schools educate their students. In general, schools tend to use negative reinforcements on rule breaking students as a method to educate them. The typical examples are verbal reprimands, being sent out of the classrooms, detentions, etc. There is an element of shame within these punishments which is intended to allow the students to discover how to behave well. Critics oppose to the use of negative reinforcements in schools and largely recommend the use of positive reinforcements. Negative reinforcements are used and positive reinforcements are easily ignored due to the strong cultural ethos that encourages the use of punishments. The use of punishments is effective ninety-five percent of the time. The remaining students are those with challenging behaviours who do not respond to traditional forms of punishments. So unless figures show otherwise, Skinner’s hope that positive reinforcement be used totally cannot be easily realized and punishments will still be the tool employed by schools to educate and to deter wayward behaviours. The proverb “spare the rod and spoil the child” explains the continued use of such traditional methods of educating (Maag J.W., 01-01-2001). It is a good point to emphasise that the discussion is on the use of negative reinforcements on students to shape a desired behaviour and not on punishments. Punishments here are merely the reinforcers or the tools of reinforcement. Maag suggests using new approaches to handle challenging students which are effective reinforcers which are ideally negative but without the use of punishments (Maag J.W., 05-01-2001).
Commercial organizations depending on situations, use positive and negative reinforcements. Although there is no premeditated use of scheduled reinforcements on encouraging desired behaviours and discouraging undesired behaviours, some managers do enforce them. As more managers understand the needs for better and efficient management styles, they also understand that subordinates seek job satisfaction. Job satisfaction can be achieved in many ways such as pay rises, day offs, or even simple words of encouragement, praises and recognition (Zielinski D., 05-01-2001). More than often the occasional verbal praises for a job well done does a lot to make an employee feel appreciated. Researches have shown that positive reinforcements increase the attendance of workers, improve their performances and also increase safety awareness. Negative reinforcements are sometimes used on the occasional lackadaisical employees. Romero and Kleiner believes that the use of positive reinforcements is a management concept, and that it should be used in the workplace both domestic and international (Romero J., Kleiner B.H.). Research was done on people in several countries on the relation between personality and motivational traits and work related attitudes. It is found that the use of positive reinforcements greatly motivated workers and the whole economy of the country gained greater growths. In bad management styles, employees are swiftly reprimanded for failing to attain their employers’ standards and are often not complimented for completing their tasks excellently. Many are so accustomed to these practices that they begin to become complacent due to the lack of recognition and rewards. The failure to positively reinforce an employees’ good performance which is a form of extinction may discourage them from giving more than they should since no recognition or rewards will be given for it.

they don't have time to studying only chatting to internet and watch bad programme.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being the Only Child

29.02.2012 · Hello, I have just written an essay about being only child

Let’s face it, older siblings make a lotof mistakes. I have heard that they usually get in trouble. As an only child, Ihad no one my own age to show me what is right and wrong.

Even though it is great to have personal space and time to oneself, an only child will never feel as though they will ALWAYS have someone their own age to talk to.

In the twenty-first century many couples decided to have one child

Sometimes kids get away with it, othertimes they don’t. As an only child, your parents don’t ask who broke somethingvaluable. They just know it is probably you.

The implications of being an only child are not as negative as once perceived

Even though it is great being an only child, I wish I could have had a brother or sister. I always wanted to have that sibling relationship. When I see my friends with their sister or brothers, I understand that what they have is quite special.

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Being an Only Child Has Both Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of being the only child essay

Vinyl fencing advantages get better. If you are worried about your fence losing its color, vinyl fencing will have you feeling stress free because it does not lose its color. You will not have to buy paint to make your fence look outstanding; it can continuously look outstanding without hassling you. Your vinyl fence will not rot and it is non-toxic, making it safe for children and pets alike.

essay on advantages and disadvantages of being an only child

If your future spouse does not have any siblings, then you are out of luck. An only child has less of a chance to spoil any little kids that are not his or her own.

What are the pros and cons of being the only child

We begin bilingual teaching early because the special language learning ability of children decreases with age. The earlier they become immersed in a second language, the easier they will adopt it and remember it. Our Environment Works. The natural approach of our childcare setting reduces anxiety and stimulates learning. Children are encouraged to learn through their play, and we foster a fun, yet structured, learning environment. Cultural Exposure. Childhood is the best time for cultural understanding. Our children not only learn a language, but the ideas of other cultures. This broadens their ideas and adds depth to their learning. Lifelong Language Capacity.With the language foundation we provide at Greater Heights School, our children are poised to continue and grow their language skills. Their increased language base can increase their overall success in school and even in learning other languages.

10 Disadvantages To Being An Only Child - Odyssey

“We’ve had a really great experience at the school. Everyone is attentive and open to feedback. The children are well taken care of and loved. I really like that they have a full kitchen so things can go in the fridge. The playground doesn’t have sand or dirt which is really helpful. Overall cute school and my child is really happy.”

What Are 3 Disadvantages of Being an Only Child? | …

Although it may seem being an only childis pretty amazing, trust me, it is not all as it is cracked up to be. If youhappen to be like me, you will understand what I am talking about. But if youso happen to have a sibling, then hopefully you will understand how lucky youare to have a brother or sister after reading this.

10 Amazing Things About Being—and Having—an Only Child

It's a painful thing to believe, of course, which is why we're constantly assuring one another the opposite. "Just do your best," we hear. "You're in competition only with yourself." The funny thing about platitudes like that is they're designed to make you try harder anyway. If competition really didn't matter, we'd tell struggling children to just give up.

Only Child: An Essay, an essay fiction | FictionPress

“I enrolled my daughter at 3 months old in November, and we are so happy with our experience! They are very attentive, caring, and loving to my baby. They have the highest expectations for their teachers/caretakers that they love the children like they are their own. They have gone above and beyond to keep us pleased and happy. They are very responsive to texts, calls, and emails. They follow all my individual instructions closely! They send pictures throughout the day. My daughter is happy there and likes all her caretakers. All of the babies seem so happy and at ease every time I drop off or pick up my daughter. The facilities are recently renovated and they keep it very clean and tidy. They also sanitize everything daily.”

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