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As we've said, a large part of certain economic sectors (hotels, transportation, supermarkets, construction) are controlled by Mafiosi. In a land without a tangible industrial base, public monies are the Mafia's main target. Everything has its price. Most politicians (Left and Right) can be bought, and the same holds true for managers of most larger banks and utilities. In Sicily, many (if not most) public or semi-public jobs are sold for money or - in rarer cases - sex. (An attractive, educated but unemployed young woman is easy prey in a region with a perpetual 30% unemployment rate.) Public contracts are assigned - actually sold - in exchange for bribes and kickbacks. Everybody expects a substantial kickback (usually at least 10%), from the politician who gets you a public advertising or construction project to the event organizer who gets your musical group a gig in the local music festival. In business, money laundering is a way of life. It's all part of "The New Mafia." In such a climate, the (protection money) and revenue through legitimate businesses set up with Mafia money are still important.

Sicilians call it , the Mafia-like mentality so prevalent in Sicilian life, especially among politicians and business people. This doesn't always mean that somebody is a mafioso per se, just that he behaves like one. is the Sicilian term for an attractive young woman who acts in this way. Clientelism, nepotism and the excessive use of "recommendations" to assign everything from public construction contracts to clerical jobs foster widespread corruption, and therefore organised crime. Bribery and kickbacks (the Italian word is for the envelope, busta, in which the money is paid) are normal in Sicily. Billions of dollars poured into the Sicilian economy by the World Bank, the United States, the European Commission and the central Italian government have ended up in the hands of corrupt politicians, consultants and others who, in many instances, were connected to the Mafia in some way. In many cases, the children or grandchildren of Mafiosi and Mafia-collaborators who stole money earmarked for Sicilian development under the Marshall Plan decades ago are now "respectable" citizens who one would not overtly associate with organised crime. In other words, the families have become legitimate. To many Sicilians, wealth is viewed as an end in itself; the methods employed to gain it are of little importance so long as misdeeds go unpunished. It's no secret that the criminal justice system does not function very well in Italy. And where there is no law, there is no sin.

In conclusion, being organized can makes helpful contributions towards several areas in life.

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It is about creating the 24/7 awareness of the value of being organized.

Any good paper has a good beginning and ending. Some essays will require some back store before jumping into what is being talked about. for example, (see picture 1 above)

I talk about what lead up to the event, and about where I was working. then the thesis statement (in red). In some essays this is not required and a strong thesis statement is all that needed. I recommend use of an intro for narrative and comparison essays.

Next, a conclusion is just a thesis statement stated with different words. for example, (see picture 2 above).

The thesis statement is in red and conclusion is in green. The two say basically the same thing, the day was bad. however, the first statement does not include any information that comes after in the essay it's self, and the conclusion does.

Also, after a conclusion has been drawn one must take the reader a step further. for instance, (see picture 3 ).

I find this the easiest thing to do and can be done with one sentence. all that is being done is more information is being added. thus, taking the reader a step further.

on to the next step.

A proper heading for college essay conveys your thoughts to other people. Being organized as well as having the reference material with you helps you to come up with really good ideas both for your essay and its heading. The first step is to organize the material you have collected. Thereafter take down notes, these two steps would provide you with the source material that is required once you begin working on the main heading.

Importance Of Organisation Essay

It is estimated that organized crime generates more than one trillion dollars in profits annually.1 An organized crime syndicate works in a very similar way to a government or corporation.

Even though no physical harm is being conducted, white collar crimes cause financial detriment.

Hammer Projects: Antony is his first one-person museum exhibition in the US and will feature collages and drawings made between 2004 to 2011. This exhibition will be presented at Vault Gallery in Los Angeles and opens January 22nd running through May 13th. The exhibition is organized by guest curator James Elaine.

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It is a collective and organized effort to deceive investors and to serve the economic interests of a corporation, and/or its management, even if unlawful.

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According to the author, the Appelman-Batenburg sect was more organized than most since they had organized a criminal network of spies, locksmiths and goldsmiths....

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Names like Al Capone, "Lucky" Luciano, and Albert Anastasia come to mind when one looks back on the history of Le Cosa Nostra, However one of the most interesting figures in the history of organized crime, Dutch Schultz, was also able to leave a lasting mark in history with his unorthodox style of crime.

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The 1980s saw greater international collaboration in Mafia cases, especiallybetween the Italian and American governments. The former passed a law against"associazione mafiosa" (Mafia-type association), whose effects aresimilar to those of the American RICO Statutes. Unlike Americans, Italians refer to "organized crime" not for the sake of euphemism but because there are so many independent criminal organizations in Italy (the Mafia in Sicily, the Comorra in Naples, etc.).

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Antony visited a group of Martu elders in the Western Australian desert last November and collaborated with artist/film-maker Lynette Wallworth in responding to the Martu women's painting process. The resulting film is now being exhibited, along with the exquisite large canvas that was rendered for the occasion, as a part of this year's Adelaide Festival.

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I can't even number the times since I got the "Organized" program that I've come up with things to do in my day-to-day life that have absolutely revolutionized my whole routine. A couple examples: I started categorizing what I wrote in my journal and keeping the entries together by topic. I can finally find important information I've written down. I outfitted my apartment with shelves so that I can put away the
books and papers that have been lying around, and I've gotten rid of boxes of stuff I no longer use. It still needs work, but it has come a long way, and I have your program and newsletters to thank. It has also helped me immensely at work, where a big part of my job is keeping two other people organized. Files, project lists, spreadsheets - somehow it seems natural to me now
to keep these things ordered, updated, and where they belong! I have learned so much about how to be organized in the past few months. The audio program and newsletters have given me the focus I need, and I wonder where I'd be right now if I hadn't found your website (buried in paper, most likely!).

Your programs really work. Absorbing them subconsciously helps tremendously, and I've also found that it's extremely helpful having that list of positive thoughts consciously in my mind. So many times when I find habitual negative thoughts popping up, I stop and ask myself if there's a thought from one of your audio
programs that I can replace it with. It's so freeing to have a whole menu of reassuring and productive thoughts to choose from, and to know that it is my
choice and totally in my power to think those kinds of thoughts instead of the other kind.

Thanks for all your help, Mike. I'm so glad you decided to
share your programs with the world.

Thanks, Mike - your programs are really amazing!
Danielle, PA

Being organized doesn’t mean you have no time for fun

Hi Mike,

I can't tell you how wonderful I have found your Think Right Now tapes

I was looking for answers to depression, anxiety and panic I had been dealing with for years. I have been on several medications and have had expert private psychological help on a weekly basis. That helped, but there were still some blocks I couldn't get by... like anger, and the terrible sad feelings that would overcome me every so many days.

As soon as I got your tapes I started listening to them during the day while I was on the computer, and during the time I would fall asleep at night. I used the "Freedom from Depression" and"Dissolving Panic and Anxiety" tapes interchangeably for the first week.

I thought I was feeling more placid, my anger and panic didn't seem to be so bad, but I was afraid to say anything to my husband or my doctor in case I slid back. I continued to listen as much as I could while doing housework, making meals, and working on the computer. After two weeks, my husband said, "You
seem so relaxed -what pills has the doctor changed you to?" Ha ha! My meds had not been changed, just my attitude! I cannot tell you in words the calmness that seemed to gradually come over me. Things that would have bothered me terribly two weeks prior, didn't bother me at all! I just placidly went on with whatever I was doing.

Since then (about two weeks) I have been listening to the Organization and Goals tapes, interspersed with the depression and panic tapes.

I have much more energy, and have tackled things around the house I couldn't face before. I also have your "Think Right Now Windows Software" program which I run when I am writing in Word or doing spreadsheets in Excel. Its great!

These tapes have not only put new thoughts into my head, they have removed bad thoughts from my head. I had some blocks that were not letting me progress, and my psychologist says "Whatever you're doing keep it up!" because now we are forging ahead with my therapy.

Thank you so much Mike,

J. Batzold

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