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They engage in a process called blood doping.

Chuck Klosterman says that performance enhancing drugs have been around for a long time and even though and they are being used more abundantly because today’s people crave more exciting and competitive sports (166). Klosterman’s theory is true and that as long as records continue to be broken the fans will be happy. Klosterman goes on to say that the athletes continue to dope because it increases their income and popularity (166). This causes them to lose their entire fan base and become disliked by the public. If doping is completely exterminated then the fans will be even happier to know that these athletes are accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks by training for long hours instead of using performance-enhancers. However, after he was found to be doping the entire time his fan base went from being really high to having more dislike than people that like him.

Blood doping is mainly done by the athletics. They do this to improve their speed and their performance in the competitions. The practice is, however, illicit. It increase or raises hemoglobin levels in the blood of an individual. Higher amounts of oxygen are thus spread to the muscles of the athlete. The result or effect of this is that the individual can run much faster compared to those who have not done the blood doping. In a way, it helps in the improvement of the stamina for an individual. Consequently, one's performance is enhanced. Cycling and running in long distances can be boosted using blood doping practice. In almost all organizations that are involved in athletics, blood doping is banned. If one is caught having done this, one may be punished.

Blood doping has become an integral part of sports and fair play....

Blood doping has become an integral part of sports and fair play.

Blood doping is for cheaters that cannot work hard enough for what they want.

Blood testing has been introduced to professional tennis and has been shown to be much more effective than urine testing and has been able to catch more doping cases as well (Robson).

Blood transfusion is one way that the athletes use in blood doping. Transfusion of blood is meant for those who have injuries and have lost blood or those that have lost blood after going through surgeries in the hospitals. Those who may have low levels of red blood cells may also be undergoing the blood transfusion. These include patients with kidney failure and also Anemia. Blood transfusions by athletes are illicit as they do it to boost their speed and performance in the fields. This is wrong. The athletes may choose to use their own blood or that of other individuals for doping. Antilogous transfusion is whereby they use their blood while in homologous transfusion; the athletes use blood belonging to other people. EPO injections are another way of doping. This is done by those who need their bodies ability to produce red blood cells improved to levels that will aid in performance boosting. Using synthetic oxygen careers is a method that is aimed at improving and enhancing the effects of doping done. It helps and aids in the fueling of more and more oxygen to the muscles.

Blood doping would set new records.

Blood Doping or red blood cell infusion is another example of the ingenious ways in which athletes attempt to improve performance without running into trouble with drug tests.

These health problems are very dangerous and are the reason why blood doping is banned.

Sports And Doping Essay doping (dpng) n. E use of a drug, such as a steroid or a blood product, such as erythropoietin, to improve athletic performance. Ping (dp) n 1.

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Blood doping raises the maximum aerobic power you can generate.

Blood doping is appealing to many types of athletes.

Bosshardt writes “Doping includes such drugs as anabolic steroids, human-growth hormone, and erythropoietin "epo." The latter stimulates bone marrow to produce more red-blood cells.

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Medically, there are harmful effects of doping that are still not well understood.” Some steroids can cause many fatal diseases such as different kinds of cancers and heart disorders. On a smaller scale steroids can also cause a sudden mood change which is where we get the term “roid rage”. If we allowed athletes to dope in sports then many athletes could eventually develop a life threatening disease because that is what everyone in the sport did. If we continue to try and stop doping in sports then these diseases become less likely to occur in professional athletes. Also if we got rid of illegal drugs in sports we could use the labor and money of the people figuring the effects of these performance-enhancing to work on larger projects such as cures for cancers and heart diseases.

Free blood doping papers, essays, and research papers.

Blood doping can have serious and undesirable consequences. The use of unsafe procedures while performing doping may expose an individual to different risks. The virus in the blood may be transferred to the recipient to the donor. Some of these viruses may cause dangerous diseases with complications for an individual. Blood doping is also known to have several health repercussions. It may expose one to stroke and also diseases of the heart. Doping to have an advantage over fellow competitors is wrong.

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("Blood doping goes viral as cheats slip through the net") The Olympic officials would soon find out that this man faster than light would get busted for the use of blood doping....

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The lower oxygen stimulates chemoreceptors that initiate an increase in breathing, resulting in a lowering of the partial pressure of CO2 and hence more alkaline blood pH. The kidneys begin to unload bicarbonate to compensate. Though this adaptation can take many days, up to 80% occurs just in the first 48 to 72 hours. There are many other physiologic changes going on, among them the stimulus of low oxygen to release the hormone, erythropoietin to stimulate more red blood cell production, a physiological and still acceptable form of blood doping that enhances endurance performance at low altitudes. Adaptive changes are not always good for one’s health. Some South American high altitude residents can have what’s called chronic mountain sickness, resulting from too many red blood cells; their blood can be up to 84-85% red blood cells. The increased blood viscosity and sometimes associated pulmonary hypertension can result in right heart failure.

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There riders us a lot of different drugs to improve themselves but the more popular performance enhancers EPO (erythropoietin), steroids, and blood doping....

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This procedure does increase physical performance and athletic ability, but potentially may do more harm than good.
For purpose of emphasis and understanding, some background information is needed to fully understand exactly what blood doping can do for an individual.

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