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A warming of a few degrees would cause glaciers and sea ice to melt.

What makes this paper a little different from other skeptical scientific literature on global warming is the lineup of respected scientists and experts who agree with its conclusions. Here are a few of them with their credentials:

This paper won’t dissuade the global warming hysterics. But in those places where the truth actually matters, it will stimulate debate and discussion. That’s what science should be all about.

 In order to talk about global warming, we must first learn what causes the greenhouseeffect.

Maybe global warming causes fewer landfalling major hurricanes.

Warmer temperatures willcause a greater amount of evaporation from lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Update: see the whole story behind the story in their own words in Global Warming Quotes & Climate Change Quotes: Human-Caused Global Warming Advocates/Supporters by C3 Headlines.

The threat to the world is not man-made global warming or climate change. The threat to the world, as is always the case, is a current group(s) of humans who want to impose their values and desires on others. The people below represent such a group, and they are not saints as individuals; in fact, quite the opposite, unfortunately.

Human The Cause Of Global Warming Environmental Sciences Essay

In the recent elections in September, those two parties suddenly got, between them, 23.3% of the vote and 24.6% of the seats. And suddenly Angela Merkel needs one or both of them to form a coalition government. Oh, and she also needs the Green Party. How is that playing out? An impasse! Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation reports this morning:

Global warming in essence, is exactly what it sounds like, the warming of the plant....

Land use practices contribute to global warming. Trees are vital in ensuring natural regulation of CO2 in the atmosphere. They also form a cover that affects the radiation process by determining what levels of heat will be retained or radiated. Human settlement is a reason for continued deforestation. As population levels rises more and more forests are cleared. Trees are also cut for logging purposes. Trees absorb CO2 from decaying trees and plants. They provide timber for construction purposes they are also cut to paper production. Deforestation contributes to approximately 25% of CO2 in to the atmosphere. Today there is much wastage of papers for instance toilet paper and serviettes this leads to global warming due to the fact that more trees will be cut for paper production. This eventually leads to global warming.

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Humans are the cause of global warming for several reasons ..

Global Warming Cause and Effect Essay - UK Essays | …

The transportation sector also contributes to global warming. According to the 2004USemission Inventory vehicles with poor gas mileage contributed a lot to global warming .This occurs as gasoline is being heated in internal combustion of cars and light trucks. This sector contributes to approximately 20% ofUStotal emissions of carbon dioxide. Aviation industry also contributes to global warming to a tune of 3.5%. This is predicted to be 5 times more by 2050 by the United Nation Intergovernmental panel due to the fact that the flow of air transport is increasing with lowered fares because of competition. Light duty vehicles like SUV’s and minivans sales increase impacted more on the greenhouse effects since driving intensified due to the affordability this led to demand for more gas.

Global Warming Cause and Effect Essay

Man’s activity at home can also cause global warming. Technology has brought about invention of electronic devices all of which require energy and electricity is mostly the preferred. The technology is useful as it ensures that time and energy is saved by a large proportion. Appliances like lawnmowers and heaters in houses precipitate the burning of more coal to provide electricity and this leads to global warming.

Essay on Global Warming: Causes, Effects, Impact and ..

Global warming occurs naturally due to the amount of heat produced by the sun. Changing variations in the earth’s orbit around the sun may affect the time and amount of solar energy received on the earth. This will affect the amount of energy reflected and absorbed. Orbital variations are believed to be behind the ice ages. Aerosols which are fine particles and droplets that are suspended into the earth’s surface affect the amount of solar energy that is reflected or absorbed and are thus contributors of global warming. The social effects caused by extreme effects of global warming include poverty and changing attitudes due to shock. Exposure to such calamities is destructive to man’s health as it causes death, injury as well as stress related disorders. Standards of living lower for the affected people as their houses and means of earning are destroyed. At the times of such disasters they are deprived of social needs. Social evils could arise as such calamities create disorder in society. Due to disaster effects the affected may in changing topography cause disputes among nations. (O’Hare at al, 2005).

Global Warming | Teen Essay on the Environment | Teen Ink

The effects of global warming are detrimental and it’s feared to be contributing to current climate changes. It is associated with the frequent floods, drought and hurricane patterns that are facing the world today.

90-99% of daily human activities cause global warming

According to the World Metrological Organization the 90’s had higher temperatures and are thus considered the warmest decade. Extreme weather patterns are believed to result from the warming of the climate. More hurricanes and drought are expected to arise due to global warming. There will be longer spells of heat or intense rainfall depending on which part of the earth one is.

Global Warming is Human Caused - National Wildlife Federation

Super storms are feared to increase with global warming. The recent case of hurricane in theCaribbeanIslandsand parts of the South Eastern United States is a good example. It led to massive destruction of property resulting from such catastrophic events. Again lives were lost and people’s livelihood was affected with some children rendered orphans and homeless.

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