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A high school drop out is more likely to be subjected to poverty.

Many high school dropouts will be less likely to become a productive or beneficial member of society, but will instead create a burden for the community for which he or she is a member.

When I was pregnant with my son (who is 1 now) I went through the fall semester and even made deans list. I took the next semester off because my finals were around my due date. Then I moved states and in the fall I applied to another college, this time instead of a state school it was a community college. I didn’t decide to go until August and by the time I could get my HS transcripts from another state I just made the deadline to get financial aid, or so I thought. Instead, they took the Friday off early and entered those on Monday and I got automatically dropped from my classes which i found out on Tuesday. I tried to see if they could do anything, and was told two things: #1 get your teachers to sign a paper to enroll you in the class with their permission. and then I was told that I would have to pay the $4k or $5k out of pocket to continue going because it would be three weeks before I would know if I got financial aid.

The result of dropping out of high school is the student not receiving a high school diploma.

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The high school drop out will historically be less likely to obtain a high paying job.

I am currently a freshman at Missouri State University, this semester (my 2nd) ive realized that college is complete bullshit. I hate it here, everyone is 2 faced. Its the exact same as highschool i dont have the drive anymore to even attend classes because all the teachers do is talk about nothing and the test questions all come out of the reading. So really what is the fucking point. And assigning 30 pages a class to read for the next class period is complete bullshit. I have to work and make money in this hell hole. I do not have the time to read almost 120 pages a night. Are you kidding me the teachers all have the mindset that I only attend their class so i will have plenty of time to read all this bullshit which just isnt true.

Another thing is the General Education Requirements at this school. Gen ed? sounds a lot like paying for high school classes. We are required to take a fucking PE class? WTF why do i need to take pe? am i going to be a professional weight lifter? NO im not going to be Richard simmions. I think that is just dumb. Not to mention we have to take a pre civil war history class? For what? WTF do i need to know about the fucking indians, we killed them all okay i got it. I know more than most of my professors and have won debates with them in almost every class. I think its bullshit, i want to goto a school that will actually teach me something. Not push political agendas into my head, i would rather make up my own mind about things and not be told that its a sientific fact smoking causes cancer. And that George bush is a criminal. I can make up my own mind. College is basically brainwashing it fucking sickens me. I think im going to finish out this semester then go to a Police Academy or into the military.

Cause And Effect On High School Dropouts

I agree with #18. If going to college makes you happy then do it. If not, then stop complaining, get a job and work, just remember that although you may have your own opinion but the world out there is not acceoting applications from a college drop out all the time. Most of the time its just pure luck but if you are prepared to show education plus your working background, you best believe that you will find a job. IF YOU CANNOT FIND A JOB IN THE UNITED STATES AFTER GRADUATONG FROM COLLEGE IS BECAUSE OF HOW YOU PRESENT YOURSELF TO PEOPLE.

These factors can cause a student to dropout of college and not finish their coursework.

According to Ruebel, Ruebel, and O’Laughlin (2001), “School dropout is described as a process of disengagement in which students become more and more alienated from school and withdraw to the point of dropping out” (p.58).

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I’ve dropped out of a four year school and am currently attending a two year school and not doing so well. Having graduated high school with Physics, Astronomy, and three semesters of Calculus in the bag, I would say I have to strongly agree with the first three of these eleven reasons (the list at the top of the page, in case you’ve forgotten by now). I think college can become especially challenging for people who are as socially inept as I am, which is in turn compounded by the massive load of an overly ambitious course schedule. College can be extremely beneficial to job marketability, so I highly recommend attending and at least attempting a degree, but I also have to point out that it can become a very painful challenge for certain individuals and the amount of stress should not be made light of by those who have already conquered the system (I’m talking about you Corey, whose number 71 at this time).

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I’m thinking about dropping out next year and transferring somewhere else (a city, instead of a small town with a self contained campus) and going to school part time and working too, so I can graduate, but college isn’t my whole life anymore.

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I dropped out of college twice – once in my 3rd year and again in my 4th. But I was still at community college. I had to work more than part time every semester so I was never able to take full-time classes, also tested in a low pre-req math, thus lead to me being really behind. I dropped out the first time due to extreme psychological problems (anxiety and panic disorders and depression) and also because I needed to work more. I returned for two more classes the following year, but was no better come the fall. I attempted full-time classes but became worse and that led to taking an “Indefinite Medical Leave”. Financial issues are also a factor, I need to work full-time to support myself.

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My last reason is that there will be more student dropouts by the fifth year because of the loss in interest High school should not be raised an extra year just so kids can do more extracurricular activities.

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College for the most part really is a joke. Wanna be a religion major? Fine. Take three semesters of basket weaving. Wanna be a computer engineer? Take 4 semesters of art history. I could go on. So much about college today is good, but an even larger portion is just plain stupid. The level of teaching and the professors who do it @ my university are next to worthless. Show up if they feel like it and assign mountains of busywork. High Schools nowadays do not prepare you for college and college is so much about stress as opposed to learning that it has very little similarity to the real world. I could never drop out, but I can understand why people decide to sometimes. Sometimes it just isnt worth the $45,000 a year fight.

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I should know, I was given a job offer right after high school to work at a small tech corporation in Oregon. I declined and decided to go to the local university thinking I’d get a better job after school. WRONG! I was burned out after my first year and only kept going to get that stupid piece of paper. After getting my Associates, I eventually got the nerve to ask the company and they were DELIGHTED!
I was given the same opportunity, but at a cost because now I had student loans to pay off. I was also p*ssed because I had learned more during high school years from books and the Internet than my few years of college.

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