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Some feel censorship is a violation of the first amendment right.

3 March 2014

Censorship Cons

"Withholding information only leads to ignorance in society." There is no place for censorship in a truly democratic society.

There is always some kind of censorship involved, especially in countries where it is strictly prohibited by the government or concerned agencies, that strive to keep viewing-audiences away from such material.

Censorship is used to control the thoughts and ideas of people.

Let's explore the reasons why media censorship should be exercised...

In my point of view, the degree of the censorship should depend on different groups of audience.

Censorship is defined as an authorization to examine material and to remove or suppress what is considered morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable.

Introduction When talking about freedom of speech and censorship, it is important to look at them within the discourses of power: the power to impose views, opinions and ideologies, the power to speak, and the power to silence.

Ultimately, censorship can only be determined by the parents....

Censorship has been around forever and has been done by different groups, such as there has been government, sometimes you see religious groups, corporations, and mass media.

There are several arguments that can be made on censorship on TV.

Censorship "refers to suppression of information, ideas, or artistic expression by anyone, whether government officials, church authorities, private pressure groups, or speakers, writers, and artists themselves" (Grolier, Inc.)....

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One for example, what the pro's for censorship?

The are a lot of good points and bad points about censorship on TV.

Librarians have struggled with censorship over the years and the development of new technology and communication has made the predicament even worse....

This is the one place we realize the importance of censorship.

as a mass, we need to learn how to decipher what we do and what we don't want to see, whether it be a mass murder in some third-world country, or a suicide down the block from your house.

but for the pro censorship side, you don't want to be flipping through the channels when your little one is in the room with you, sees something somewhat vulgar and then ask you for it.

i agree with the con-censorship man.

It refers to the examination of electronic and print media for the purposes of altering and/or suppressing parts of the media thought to be inappropriate and/or offensive (Microsoft Encarta 97) The implication of censorship is that it is necessary for the protection of the viewing public....

Generally, censorship is a manipulation of the truth.

Censorship is said by the government to help us because it cuts out scenes which may mentally affect us for example a film about poverty and the working class which could trigger a revolution because our minds are not mentally strong able to take that it is just a film....

Controversy surrounds the topic of censorship.

Censorship has been around for a long time, censorship is supposed to protect 'us' from the things which happen in media for example movies which contain horror, sex or violence.

Cons of Censorship essaysCensorship also has a negative side

As a sophomore in high school, I can honestly say that I was grateful for censorship in elementary, because as I got older, I realized that the world was not as nice and polite as it had been presented to us.

Essay on Pros and Cons of Censorship - 589 Words

Even though many might argue that censorship doesn't really have a place in a society that emphases freedom of speech and the freedom to express oneself, but censorship is an essential and needed part of our growing society, it's needed in the television industry, the Internet, and the music industry....

Pros And Cons Of Censorship Free Essays - StudyMode

The artist need to acknowledge that there are
some correlation between the negative and violent messages that are being put
out in
many tapes and the violence that exists out there in the real world, is a major
reason to
uphold censorship,
People can go on and on why music and TV should be censored and why is should

A Double-edged Sword - The Pros and Cons of Censorship

But to others, the real intentions of the would-be music censors is to impose on
Americans the tastes and values of political power brokers who don't connect
experiences and concerns of the young and alienated.

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