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Reasons for Transferring essay - Education.

There is a point at which a student should be certain whether he/she wants to stay at the current college (or to study the same major). Usually it is after the first semester. There are plenty of options available then: to continue studying the same major at the same college; to change the major but not the college; to change the college (and probably also the major). In order to do the latter, you need to start a procedure of transfer. Some documents are required, amongst which the so-called college transfer essay, which is a part of the Common Transfer Application. Following are some useful tips on how to write a transfer essay.

A college transfer essay is such kind of a paper which is required when you want to move to another college. You have to explain the reasons for doing this. The reasons can vary, and also the approaches you may have while writing the essay.

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Sample College Transfer Essay for Admission - ThoughtCo

I have to agree with those who say college is a place to go learn how to learn.

Generally the most successful students in college are the most dysfunctional. you’ve all seen them; the kid who snorts adderal and stays up for days on end, the kid who has no hygiene and dresses like he/she was just ‘basing coke on the streets, the kid who has no concept of a healthy relationship and locks him/herself in their room. these are probably the people in the comments telling you to “suck it up”, so don’t sweat it.

To sum up my college experience for you in one example, I had a 75 test average and 93 quiz average in calculus. The professor weighted the final exam so heavily that getting a high D on the test brought my grade down below a C. When I woke up early on the first day of summer to figure out what had happened, he barely talked to me and was instead interested in an eccentric meth-head student’s math theories (the student had admitted to me previously that he enjoyed smoking meth. I could not make this up). Unreasonable amounts of hard work, amounted to nothing. I will never listen to anyone who tells me hard work pays off again.

Tips for Writing a Winning College Transfer Essay - …

There are just too many days when I wake up, realizing that the next choice i make out of my own free will for the day will be climbing back in bed. It takes a lot out of you. The stress is enough to cause you to go borderline insane, and I am not exaggerating in any way. I came to college excited and ready to work hard. Now I am beyond jaded and exhausted. Doors have been closed in my face at every turn. It is defeating.

So unless a school asks additional .The fourth essay is a required prompt and specifically addresses your reasons for transferring.

I am an immigrant from cuba and i never failed a class in my life until i went to an american college . It was not the english because i learn it fast but it was rather the disengaging content , boring non motivational environment , and disrespectful teachers that made learning for me , useless, making my grades go down and fail some classes , the only thing that keeps me from dropping out is the fear of ending up working in some lame place for minimum wage . It should be easy for me because in cuba education is harder and we had to memorize the entire books and write endless paragraphs for each simple question that in the united states its just a matter of choosing the right letter from a multiple choice quiz/test. I feel frustrated right now.

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How to Write a Transfer Essay That Works | CollegeXpress

reasons for transferring schools essay - Universo Online

Prior to getting a loan ask yourself is it really worth x$$$$ after graduation cause it must be paid right away. I Are you ready to put aside having fun with friends on the weekends so you are able study and catch up on school work? Is it worth the pressure, stress and education competition among classmates? Those are important questions one must ask prior to the pressure of college. If you aint ready or have no answers then take sometime for yourself to discover what you want to do with your life so you won’t be wasting your money,efforts and motivation or else you will be a frustrated adult.

Reasons for transferring college essay

I have been attending an online college for 6 months now at the UOP and I can’t even get a teacher to return my phone call. They don’t give a rats ass if you make it or not. I have been thrown into a class that I do not comprehend and I can’t get anyone to help me to understand it. It costs 9,000.00 to attend and I am livid over the fact that they leave you on your opw here. I am going to seek an attorney to find out what I can do about this if anything. I am sick to my stomach everytime I go to there website and see my grades go down further and further because I dont comprehend the week before, so how do they expect me to understand the next or the next. This is a sad story for me to tell and I am a single dad with an 8yr old boy who also suffers. F$%@# UOP

Sette Laghi Runners – College essay reason for transferring

Yeah, so I went to college under the premise that if I graduated I’d make more money with a degree than only a H.S. Diploma. Major #1… It only took a month before I realized academic music is garbage that only stiffs pursue. Major #2….history. This subject interested me greatly at the time, but it was only a fallback major until I made up my mind what I really wanted to do after the music fiasco. Major #3….business. I got so bored with business I quit halfway through the semester and moved back home for a few months broke, depressed, and slightly suicidal.

Reasons For Transferring Colleges Essay

I guess I’m considering dropping out because of #1 or #4. I read somewhere that true introverts have a hard time in college. I’ve only taken two semesters, 4 classes each, and each semester has had one teacher out of four that thinks presentations are a great idea. I planned to only suffer through that in the one required communications class that I have yet to take. I ace my other classes in which I attend lectures, take notes, study for tests, and pass with flying colors. Why must I live in a world built for extroverts, the other 75% of the population?

What do you think of my transfer essay? Be brutal • r/college

In high school, I never thought much about college but my mother convinced me to enroll in a local, community college, where I spent 2 years. I didn’t earn a degree but I eventually transferred to a private 4 year school in my state. It was absolutely horrible and definitely not worth the money! In between dropping and failing a host of classes due to boredom and anxiety issues, I didn’t really accomplish much.

Transferring to another community college ..

I am currently in college and I am burned out on the experience. The people are all the annoying people from high school. The classes are boring and way too easy. Also the classes are so short, unlike high school where you are in the class for a whole year, in college it is by semester, that you can’t really learn everything. Do they honestly expect us to read an entire text book in only 3 1/2 months? Also I don’t agree that college is important. I am smart and I have learned more on my own and from the discovery channel than all of my time in college. I think people just go to get a job that pays later on in life. They couldn’t care less about really learning, which is why I went, so the classes are easy, but it is such a waste of time. I’d rather spend my money on something I care about like music than on a piece of paper that said I have a major in something I half care about

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