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Every choice has its consequence.

Consequently, nothing more can be concluded than that he passes over a distance greater than the sum of any finite number of the above series of terms.

Consequently, nothing more has been said than that every case of his passing over only a finite number of terms, or of his not passing over any, is a case of his not overtaking the tortoise.

Some of these consequences are overcrowding in prisons and less prison based rehabilitation.

First of all, Why were there consequences in the first place....

Question: (A) Explain the causes of brain trauma and their consequences.

The three consequences which arose in Quebec as a result of the revolution are the encouragement of separatism, the elimination of traditional values and roles and the establishment of powerful bureaucratic...

During the 20th century, US military psychiatrists attempted to deal with the mental problematic consequences of warfare while also helping to achieve to the military goal of preserving the number of people available for work, and decreasing the weakening impact of psychiatric syndromes by implementing screening programs to detect factors that would predispose individuals to mental disorders, providing early intervention strategies for difficult war-related syndromes, and treating long-term psychiatric disability after deployment....

The Consequences of Divorce in Modern Society

It is characterized by the principles of positive social consequences, humanity, human dignity, legality, justice, responsibility, tolerance as well as moral obligation.

What is the reason and what are the consequences for women to be involved in prostitution.

This is a question that can not be answered using a few words, since the loss of forests could result in numerous terrible consequences that directly affect human’s normal life, even survival.

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Free consequences papers, essays, and ..

Consequently, to predicate anything of anything real is to predicate it of that of which that subject (the real) is itself predicated; for to predicate one thing of another is to state that the former is a sign of the latter.

Consequences of Our Actions Essay - 454 Words

The definition of right and wrong differs from person to person; it is up to each person individually to have their own morals and standards and make choices based on those morals and standards. Every person needs to be brave enough to make their own choices and knowing the consequences of those choices, be strong enough to live with those consequences, and be happy with their choices. Don’t let someone else’s wants guide your life, the freedom of choice lies within us all.

Free Essays on Facing Consequences

In the article Nuclear Winter, based on the scientific paper “Global Atmospheric Consequences of Nuclear War”, Sagan explained and analyzed an unanticipated consequence, a drastic drop in world’s temperature, of a nuclear war.

Consequences of War Essay Examples - New York essay

In a historical context, potential use of nuclear warheads in Cold War (1947-1991) influenced the writer to highlight the consequences of a nuclear war....

The Consequence From The Ineffective Listening English Language Essay

I can say from experience that I have made plenty of choices based on what I thought other people wanted, and I can honestly say those are the decisions I regret the most. I resent living with regrets based off of choices I made to satisfy other people, I now realize that I have the freedom and right to make choices for myself. I realize that my choices are my own, and I realize that the consequences of my decisions will also be my own, and I will live with those consequences with no regret, and because of this, I will be happy with my choices.

Consequences of Crime Essay -- Criminal Justice

In Sophocles tragic play Antigone, King Creon’s self importance and high level of arrogance caused many consequences in the drama such as death itself and miscalculations of choice making....

Consequences - Essay by Tnycotid165 - Anti Essays

He is faced with multiple consequences when he accepts a journey to pay tribute to Lea and her family by making whirligigs and placing them at the four corners of the USA....

Social Consequences Essay Example for Free

I think that people tend to forget about or ignore the freedom that they have to make choices for themselves and decide what kind of life they wish to live. People let society tell them what they should be and what they should do, but it shouldn’t be this way. We all have hopes, wishes, and dreams, and we are entitled to achieve them. Think of our very own United States Constitution; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and hundreds of other freedoms that we as Americans and human beings have. The choices are ours to make, and we as a civilization have to be strong enough to stand up for what we believe in and make the choices that best suit us personally instead of making our choices solely to make others happy.

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