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"Rave" scene, ecstasy use, leap Atlantic.

This program analytically and sympathetically discusses the effects and implications of poverty, examining factors such as illiteracy, insufficient job skills, substance abuse, and crime.

As examples looks at efforts by the federal government to alleviate poverty during the depression, the advent of social security and the welfare system and the problem of unemployment among young, undereducated Americans.

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Examines Cuban government officials' involvement in trading drugs for weapons to support Communist insurgents in Latin America.

Airy 2 VS UNIverse- Their respective prices ($ 3,000 extra) basically preclude a rational/relevant comparison. I've been promised a loan of the UNIverse, but I've delayed it because I already have too many other components to audition in the next few months. I obviously want to hear it, most desperately in fact, but it can't be at this time. Every person I know who heard it, at least through their posts, has gone "bonkers" over it, including that same reader, along with all of his friends. For me, the UNIverse will have to be as good as he claims to justify the (otherwise outrageous) price. Of course, we mustn't forget that the UNIverse still has its own competitor...

It is now necessary to give a brief history of raveculture and thenexamine why and how a moral panic was created and the resulting actionstakenby the government in response to the moral panic.

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The ZYX is the most neutral cartridge I've heard. If I arbitrarily used the number "100" for designating perfect neutrality, with 101 being a touch heavy or "fat", and 99 being a touch thin or "lean", than the ZYX is the closest I've heard to being 100. I'm not saying it is 100, since that is perfection, but everything else I've heard is even less perfect. If I had to guess if it's above or below 100, I would say just below, but it still has more body, with less "fat", than anything else I know. If I was to assign a word to describe its basic character, I would say "naked", in the purest, most positive sense of that word. (While I focused on "body" in the above example, the ZYX's unmatched neutrality is heard across the entire frequency range.)

This film examines five controversial incidents at universities around the country involving conflicts of values and

The Airy 2 is every bit as good as you explained, but only in comparison to lesser cartridges like Shelters, Koetsus, etc. It is not in the top league, so save some superlatives for the Airy 3 and - above all - the UNIverse. The Airy 3 is a much better version of the same cartrdige. The UNIverse, as befits its price, is on a completely different plane.

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Examines the events of August 25, 1992, when Rosebud Denovo, a homeless women living in People's Park, was killed by the University of California police while she was trespassing in the Chancellor's residence.

(ecstasy) and other drugs used at raves.

It assesses the significance of biblical narratives, including the "curse of Ham", in the evolution of European concepts of race, and goes on to examine the basis of institutionalized racism - entwined with fervent capitalism - on which the transatlantic slave trade operated.

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These cartridges are only desirable if they are "part of the package", which means the purchaser is essentially getting it for "free" or, at the very least, a "great deal". Otherwise, I would go with one of the reference cartridges above if you are starting from scratch and buying new.

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Obvious Conclusion- Veteran audiophiles shouldn't be surprised at the above actions of the audio press. It is totally consistent with the magazines' collective behavior during the last 15 years. It is just one more routine example of who they are really "looking after". They also totally ignore the Denon 103, guess why?

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The dynamic contrasts are as good as they get, along with the rare ability to "startle" the listener time and again by reproducing powerful and intense dynamic shifts when they are not expected. This trait recreates more of the emotional impact of the original performancee. Only the Transfiguration Temper is in the same league as the ZYX.

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The group has staged over 22,000 picket demonstrations at locations ranging from college campuses to funerals for American soldiers, enraging many with slogans such as "Thank God for 9/11," "You're going to hell," and "God hates fags." Includes interviews and rare Phelps footage and allows viewers to reexamine the quintessentially American right of free speech.

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I realized that the Airy had already been out for months, along with the ZYX (top-of-the-line) UNIverse, but I still felt it was important to deal with this cartridge first. Not only is it less expensive than its two advanced siblings, but I won't be able to fully observe, describe and appreciate any differences (improvements) in the other ZYX cartridges, or from any other cartridge manufacturer for that matter, until I know the true performance capabilities of the Airy 2.

Davis Sociology 100 10 October 2011 Raves and Ecstasy Rave.

This is one of the finest cartridges that I have ever heard in my own system. Its performance has even forced me to demote the ZYX R-100 FS Fuji. It has since been outpeformed by the Airy 3. This essay below was written in Spring 2005, so please realize things have since dramtically changed.

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