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The death penalty debate continues in the United States.

Supreme Court Justice Scalia: “If the people conclude that more brutal deaths may be deterred by capital punishment, indeed, if they merely conclude that justice requires such brutal deaths to be avenged…the court’s Eighth Amendment jurisprudence should not prevent them.”

Although there are some countries that have abolished death penalty from their law, there are still many which still practice the act of killing a person for crime.

There are pros and cons of capital punishment, and it is our call to decide which side to support.

therefore im against the death penalty!

If they didnt kill someone no one should get charged for the death penalty.

Well, I’m also a Catholic, and I also believe that seeking the death penalty out of anger or a need for emotional closure is wrong. In my 2012 essay, , I wrote:

Third, and directly related, is the necessity of understanding Church teaching about capital punishment in light of her teaching about the nature of justice. This is vital, in part, because far too many arguments against the death penalty present the execution of a criminal as a merely an act of “revenge” that is rooted in emotional need (for closure) and expression (anger). This anti-capital punishment approach is evident, for instance, in a piece, , posted by Elizabeth Scalia, which states in part:

If you are not okay with the death penalty read this article again

Here, though, is the deepest reason to be opposed to capital punishment. From the practical perspective of an agent reflecting on those human goods that give point to human action and that underwrite possibilities of human flourishing, such as the goods of life, friendship, marriage, and personal integrity, we should recognize the following: each of the basic goods, in each of its possible instantiations, considered just in itself, only gives us reason for action, only is capable of motivating us for action on its behalf, and only is an aspect of genuine human well-being. Just in itself, action directly (intentionally) contrary to any human good makes no sense, is void of practical intelligibility. The same is also true of action against the life of even a seriously degenerate criminal. Insofar as he is a human being, his life gives us reason, and only gives us reason, for its protection and promotion.

capital punishment is not good but yeah if a person commit rape then it is the right way to punish.

infact those who are comitting these crimes are already not afraid of law or GOD, humanity does not exist in these people..ok in revenge one is killing a people,in poverty ones is stealing a piece bread but y shud we do this?the law is here to punish the muderer and we can stil find ways to able to get a work infact execution is a 2easy way of escaping i personally think a severe punishment shud be implemented for eg the parts that the criminal is using to do the crime that particular shud be eliminate from them!including the thieves,RAPISTS an so on...

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you still believe that these ppl don't deserve the death penalty?

10 Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment - Buzzle

I am, in fact, sympathetic to the call to abolish the death penalty, but I think there are good, cogent, and objective reasons to allow for it in certain situations and in certain places, in accordance with what the tradition and Catechism state. What I find bothersome, again, is the note of moral superiority taken by some who insist the death penalty must be abolished, a note that is decidedly strident and off-putting compared to the careful, rich, and even-handed teachings found in Catholic social doctrine.

Capital Punishment: Right or Wrong?, essay by …

(And, to state what should be obvious, but might not be: the matter of the death penalty is distinctly different from the matters of abortion, assisted suicide, and other grave evils that are, by their very nature, immoral. The death penalty can be misused and abused, and there are substantial arguments that can and have been made for using it rarely or not at all, but it is not, in itself, immoral.)

Editorial essay on capital punishment.

Finally, I want to point out that my 2012 article was not an argument for or against the death penalty, but rather a work outlining what the Church has taught and does teach about the topic. And yet I was criticized, in the comments, for being both too pro-capital punishment and too anti-capital punishment. Perhaps the problem is that for the majority of people this is an all-or-nothing topic, yet the Church’s tradition and teaching are not easily or rightly shoved into either extreme.

Why The US Should End the Death Penalty - Washington Post

Similarly, in 2014 Eldorado High School in Schleicher County, Texas, increased its penalty for a sixth tardy per semester from six to no less than 10 swats, to be delivered at the rate of two swats per day for 5 days. Getting paddled every day for five consecutive days can hardly fail to provide the student with a bright red and very sore posterior, but then it is the student who chooses that option instead of five days in ISS.

Essay capital punishment pros cons

When it comes to abolishing the death penalty in the United States, the means matter. The above publications have made the choice that granting unconstitutional power to the Supreme Court to ban the death penalty is a legitimate means as long as the end is good.

Death Penalty Persuasive Essay | Shannon Rafferty E …

As a person who does not generally support the death penalty, you might think that I would be pleased with the joint editorial issued the National Catholic Reporter, America Magazine, Our Sunday Visitor, and this paper, the National Catholic Register.

Death Penalty Persuasive Essay | …

In my humble opinion life in prison is less humane than the death penelty, but all of our polititions are walking around free and there are men on death row who do not have the mental capacity to stand trial.

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