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Women of Saudi Arabia Photos - National Geographic

A sudden spike in the number of executions this year has heightened the general anxiety. On Salman’s third day as king, he oversaw his first beheading, of an alleged rapist. By early November, the kingdom had already carried out more executions—at least a hundred and fifty—than it had in any year since 1995. In late November, two Saudi newspapers reported that the state would soon be executing at least fifty more prisoners, all convicted of terrorism, which under Saudi law includes such offenses as damaging the reputation of Saudi Arabia or its king; a charge of terrorism is frequently used to try not only jihadists but also bloggers and lawyers.

The Palestinian issue seems to no longer be at the top of the agenda for many Arab leaders. Also, what it’s like to visit the Saudi crown prince.

Visitors to Saudi Arabia are subject to the same rigorous Islamic law as Saudis.

Seven things women in Saudi Arabia cannot do | The Week UK

Women Driving in Saudi Arabia

In 2004, Saudi Arabia introduced reforms allowing women’s colleges and universities to offer degree programs in law. The first female law students graduated in 2008, but, for several years after that, they were prohibited from appearing in court. In 2013, law licenses were granted to four women, including Bayan Mahmoud Zahran. Journalists and legal scholars in the West wondered if a fresh contingent of female attorneys would champion women’s rights. But, of the dozens of female lawyers and law graduates I spoke with on a visit to Saudi Arabia in early November, only two would admit to any interest in expanding rights for Saudi women. So far, the greatest effect of the reforms seems to be a growing awareness, among ordinary Saudi women, of the legal rights they do have, and an increasing willingness to claim these rights, even by seeking legal redress, if necessary.

Institutions and businesses that serve Saudi women are carefully guarded, so as to prevent ikhtilat, illegal gender mixing, and the only male employees of a Saudi girls’ school or women’s college are its security officers, who are stationed at the checkpoint outside, inspecting identification cards and keeping watch for male intruders. The security guards were overwhelmed by the turnout for the second Hawa’a’s Rights event. Ferak corralled several friends, and they spent the half hour beforehand rushing from classroom to classroom, looking for extra chairs to carry down to the space that had been reserved. They filled the aisles and the back of the room with additional seats, straining the hall’s intended capacity of a hundred and twenty.

Essay on The Fight for Women's Rights in Saudi Arabia

The lawyers conceded that, by international standards, these rights might not look like much. According to Saudi law, which is based on Sharia, a Saudi woman’s testimony in court is, with few exceptions, valued at half that of a man. A homicide case, for example, normally requires testimony from two male witnesses; if only one is available, two female witnesses may be substituted for the other. The guardianship system—which requires an adult woman to get permission from her guardian before travelling overseas or seeking medical care—gives Saudi women a legal status that resembles that of a minor. In fact, the male relative with responsibility over a Saudi woman may be her own adolescent son.

Shmuluvitz, Shoshana. “The Saudi Women2Drive Campaign: Just Another Protest in the Arab Spring?.” Tel Aviv Notes 5 (2011): 14.

In short, considering all these facts and counter arguments, I support the thesis statement that the female and the women must be given access to drive and can get a license in Kingdom of Saudi. It is worth noting the sole country which restrict driving and given access to women to gain license is Kingdom of Saudi Where not legally permitted to female sex drive car . In relation to women living in the kingdom and also has a large number of other restrictions (Shmuluvitz). For example, not all women can marry with the citizens of other countries and on travel, employment, education or surgery they need to obtain special permission for men. In addition, Saudi Arabia only in 2011, women won the right to vote and be elected in local elections (Shmuluvitz). The world is changing and has turned into a global village. Those of a conservative thinking are left behind and can’t progress. Islam promotes that both the women and the men are equal; so, why should women be left behind. They can drive and on the other hand can follow the principle of Islam i.e. do hijab and wear burqa; allowing them to drive is their right and this way they will be independent as they don’t have to rely on the males. The women are fighting for their rights as there is no harm in not letting them drive. Islam doesn’t restricts women to drive but women have to follow the principles of Islam when driving.

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Women in Saudi Arabia - Term Paper

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Scientists from Saudi Arabia to explain why women should not be allowed behind the wheel; In their opinion, corrupts women driving a car (Shmuluvitz). Actions under King Saudi Shura -the council of elders was developed a list of criteria, while meeting women can admit to driving (Shmuluvitz). Under the proposed regulations, use a driver’s license can ladies older than 30 years, while they would be allowed to travel by car only during daylight hours and the absence of facial cosmetics. Everything else, to driving the women of Saudi Arabia will need to obtain permission of the father or husband, and if they are absent a son or brother (Shmuluvitz). During a trip outside the major settlements women drivers must necessarily comprise of a relative that is a men. Also in the council of elders decided to think about the female traffic control. The employees of this service should be to provide assistance to women at the wheel in the event that their car will break down or there will be other difficulties, and supervision of their operation will be carried out religious control (Shmuluvitz). The recommendations are not mandatory Shura to perform them the government of the kingdom. On the territory of Saudi Arabia has no formal direct prohibition for women to ensure that they drove the car. But local laws permitted to drive only the owners of the rights that have been issued by the authorities of the Kingdom, with women such rights are not issued (Doumato). Accordingly, even those residents of the kingdom, which received overseas license, cannot legally drive a car (Yamani).

Free Essays on Women Rights In Saudi Arabia through - Essay …

Two Saudi saleswomen in Harvey Nichols, the British luxury department store, in Riyadh. In 2011, the Ministry of Labor ordered shops specializing in cosmetics, abayas, and wedding dresses, along with the women’s sections of department stores, to begin shifting to all-female Saudi sales staffs. The process is called “feminization.”

Women Driving In Saudi Arabia: Argumentative Essay …

In this week’s issue of the magazine, and their inroads into the country’s traditionally male-dominated workforce. Historically prohibited from driving as well as from working, women in Saudi Arabia have built a movement to loosen female-labor laws. As Zoepf writes, “For the first time, they are interacting daily with men who are not family members, as cashiers in supermarkets and as salesclerks selling abayas and cosmetics and underwear.”

Essay on Women in Saudi Arabia - 3440 Words | Cram

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdel-Aziz al-Sheikh said that the laws of the kingdom, forbidding women to drive a car are designed to protect the public from harm. He urged Saudi nationals not to focus on the issue, said the site Al-Hayat. About what is evil in question, the mufti is not explained. Speaking at the University of Taiba in Medina, the mufti also urged the students to resist evil in the media (Beyer). According to him, some elements are willing to denigrate the state and its achievements in the service of Islam and Muslims. Mufti stressed the need to unite in defense of religion and society in the period of conflicting views and a lot of trouble (Yamani). The females are restricted from driving in Saudi. In the kingdom grows public campaign in support of the abolition of the rule. Among its activists have men (Beyer). On October, dozens of women held a demonstration against the ban sat behind the wheel. In support of the existing order are the conservative circles of the clergy. So, theologian, Sheikh Salah Bin Saad Al-Luhaydan said in an interview with a Saudi websites that women often drive a car, deformed pelvis; in addition, a stay at the wheel damages the ovaries. According to Sheikh, the harm has been established in the course of special medical research (Beyer). As stressed by Salah al-Luhaydan, women who constantly drive cars, have children with disabilities, suffering from various diseases. With opinion sheikh about religious prohibitions do not agree morality police chief of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdel-Latif al-Sheikh. He said that Sharia forbids women to drive cars. Al-Sheikh said that after he took the moral police, the police stopped detain women driving (Shmuluvitz).

Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia Essay Example for Free

Doumato, Eleanor Abdella. “Women and work in Saudi Arabia: how flexible are Islamic margins?.” The Middle East Journal (1999): 568-583.

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