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...[H]ere is the slave, there the master; there the wealth of some, here the poverty of most; there the organized effort of thousands produce, to the profit of one man, what society has not yet learned to give. Here the weakness of the individual seems more feeble and helpless even than in the middle of a wilderness; here the effects, there the causes...

... there is a stark difference between growth in GDP and growth in manufacturing wages in the 1960s and the 1980s: whereas in the 1960s, for all countries with reliable information, growth in real manufacturing wages was, on average, equal to growth in real GDP per capita, growth in real wages started to lag behind GDP growth per capita in the 1970s and was considerably lower than it in the 1980s. We observe also that, in the 1980s, real wages rose more slowly (or fell faster) than GDP per capita growth for all groups of countries whatever their per capita growth, while in the 1960s and the 1970s wages grew faster in slow-growing countries and were more or less equal to GDP growth in the moderate- and fast-growing countries in the 1960s.

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A cynical observer might say that colonial powers had found a way to retain the advantages and avoid the disadvantages of empire.

Here’s what happened: during the era of europhoria, when capital rushed into supposedly safe southern European economies, those economies experienced moderate inflation, allowing Germany to gain a big competitive advantage without actually having to deflate. Then confidence and capital flows collapsed, and what was needed was strong German reflation that would in effect return the favor — let southern Europe regain competitiveness without grinding deflation and the debt problems that go along with such a strategy.

Unemployment is a socially-constructed benchmark for evaluating the competency of economic rule. In different places and in different times the category of "unemployment" has included different kinds of joblessness and excluded others. It has implied different kinds of commitments or accountability by the state.

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Unemployment is a socially-constructed benchmark for evaluating the competency of economic rule. In different places and in different times the category of "unemployment" has included different kinds of joblessness and excluded others. It has implied different kinds of commitments or accountability by the state.

Noam Chomsky has explained the inevitable consequence of this commitment to nuclear arms 'modernization':

What started out as a move to automation by labor-intensive industries to counter international competition, became a general move by industry to take advantage of the new forms of automation made possible by developments in computer technologies.

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Many of the Western-based firms which did not move to low-wage regions, altered their focuses and forms of organization, reducing their reliance on wage labor through automating production. Others, that continued to rely on unskilled labor, gained a clear advantage through increased competition for jobs in Western countries as the numbers of unemployed grew .

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National borders and 'parochial' legislatures are now seen as impediments which can and should be overcome to ensure genuinely deregulated, internationalized free markets. The consequence of this mindset has, in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, resulted in a range of, often secretly negotiated, sovereignty-threatening, 'free trade' agreements aimed, not only at ensuring further deregulation of trade but, more importantly, at minimizing the effectiveness of 'parochial' legislation in regulating and controlling internationalized corporate organization and activity.

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Most companies initially moved their labor-intensive operations 'off-shore', to take advantage of labor costs in countries where perceived needs were lower and no social welfare component was built into industrial costs. In the process they argued for further lowering of tariff and quota barriers to facilitate this 'internationalization' of economic activity.

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At the conclusion of the TPP agreement, leading figures including Akira Amari, Japan's state minister in charge of the TPP, repeatedly called it a "21st century agreement". By this definition, the TPP is an agreement that facilitates trade in parts and intermediate goods as well as the accompanying international movement of services, data, people, and know-how. It goes beyond trade in finished products predicated on the division of labour and based on the theory of comparative advantage. Trade in parts and intermediate goods has been growing with the advancement of information and communications technologies (ICTs) prompting more companies to unbundle their production processes and leading to the development of international supply chains. Richard Baldwin calls this chain of factors the "trade-investment-services-intellectual property nexus" (Baldwin 2012) and an agreement designed to facilitate the formation of such nexuses is what is meant by a 21st century agreement.
(Tsuyoshi Kawase, , VOX: CEPR's Policy Portal, 10 January 2016)

The Impact of Modernization on Socialization

Since a prime assumption of economic theory is that all individuals act out of self interest, including those in government, the activities of government will, by definition, advantage special interest groups. The imposition of government imposts on economic activity is, therefore, not in the interests of the community but of privileged interest groups .

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Concurrently with the move to JIT and TQC processes, all over the world there were insistent demands for fiscal and financial deregulation. It was claimed that this would both facilitate the 'internationalization' of productive enterprises, taking advantage of 'cost anomalies' in different parts of the world; and enable a 'healthy' speculation in currencies and stocks and bonds.

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