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Earth is the only planet in the solar system known to harbor life.

Welcome to Planets for Kids I really hope you enjoy theinformation that I have provided on this website. You will find lots ofinformation about our solar system with lots of questions and answersand games for you to play. We also have a color in section where youcan download pictures and have fun. Remember everything here is"Kid-friendly" so lets get started....

There is much we still do not know about how this planet looks and what it is like. However, using special instruments and probes scientists have in recent years unlocked many of the secrets long hidden by this mysterious world. In the 1970s, the Soviet Union actually was able to land more than one probe on the surface of Venus. These scientific probes only lasted a few hours before they were destroyed by the intense heat of the planet. These probes were able to take several pictures and send them back to earth for scientists to study.

Venus is in many ways Earth's sister planet. It is almost identical in size, chemistry, gravity and density as the Earth. In other words, Venus is made up of almost the exact same types of materials as the Earth and in about the same amounts. Venus has volcanoes, mountains and sand, just like Earth.

Earth is the only planet in the solar system known to harbor life.

This distant planet/companion star may or may not exist.

The planet with the longest day is ; a day on Venus takes 243 Earth days.

Not to mention the diseases that plague the population, as a result of thousands of patients seeking immunizations with an insufficient supply of medicine and tools to do so.

"If you think humans are meat-eaters then try eating the animal raw like every other meat-eater on the planet. If something is not palatable in its raw state then you probably shouldn't be eating it."

The thin blue line along theEarth's marks our planet's atmosphere.

Lewis, three characters land on an extraterrestrial planet, Malacandra, to find its population consists of rational human-like beings that still resemble familiar animal life on Earth.

The planet with the shortest day is ; a day on Jupiter only takes 9.8 Earth hours!

This process initiated with the differentiation of the crust-mantle zones from a bulk silicate Earth (BSE) reservoir, which is thought to have also produced the first continuous terrestrial crust (Allegre et al., 2008).

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The Moon orbits the Earth and is not a planet.

Bluce and Celtial were planets that did not conatin any human life.

Incidentally, oceans take up more than two thirds of the total world; other than giving us a form of outdoor recreation from our daily stressful lives it's an immense structure that makes our regal earth blue.

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Let’s face it earth is not going to be able to be habitable forever in fact ate the rate humans are polluting the atmosphere earth won’t be around that much longer....

Free planet earth papers, essays, and research papers.

Through key research I will explain what the Earth Charter is and why it was founded, describe one of its four parts along with the goals and overarching philosophy, and share the impact it has on my life now and in the future....

Fourth-grade essays on Earth Day

Until the sixteenth century when Capernicus figured out that the Earth was another planet, which revolved around the sun, Greek astronomers thought the Earth was the center of the solar system.

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"Each one [of the Earth's 5 million invertebrate species] plays a role in its ecosystem. It's like we're tearing the cogs out of a great machine. The machine might work after you tear out ten cogs, but what happens when you tear out a hundred?"

All About Planet Earth for Kids

The hardships of poverty, and its psychological and physical effects, are worsened by the isolation and sense of helplessness felt by the characters within River of Earth.

Kids for Saving Earth - Environmental Education …

from the Sun Day: About 24 hours Year: About 365 days General Description: Earth may be the most unique of all planets because of the life forms we know exist here and the way they utilize the Suns energy.

How Big Is The Earth? - Geography For Kids - By KidsGeo…

The currents, ribbons of movement within the greater body of water, provide the means with which our ocean distributes the nutrients and energy necessary for continued life upon earth....

192 Words Essay on Save Trees for Green Earth

"Industrialized, chemical-intensive agriculture and our globalized system of distributing food and fiber are literally destroying the earth, driving two billion farmers off the land, and producing a product which is increasingly contaminated. That's why the wave of the future is organic and sustainable, not GMO."

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