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Does cryonics have any intrinsic value to society as a whole.

The question that this essay asks is whether it is ethically correct --permissible -- to allow these creative people to be "saved" by cryonicallysuspending them upon their deaths so that they have the possibilityto be "brought back from the dead" at some future date.

(Ben Best)I have never claimed that reanimation of cryonics patients is possible today, and I have never heard any cryonicist make this claim.

Many believe that cryonics is just an “indulgence [for] rich people” (Alcor).

Cryonics is the freezing of humans to preserve them for a later time.

Cryonics, in fact, can do much more than fulfill one's self interest....

People who suffer morbidity or mortality as a result of extreme attempts to save their life don't get back money required for the supplies and labor that make such attempts possible, and I doubt this will change in the future, cryonics or otherwise.

Since you have now stipulated one form in which cryonics can be ethically sold (between Ben and me), how do you express that as a general principle for how to sell cryonics ethically?

On this forum there are at least two cryonicists, bgwowk and me.

(bgwowk)With respect to this issue of it being okay for Ben and I to sell cryonics to each other, but not the general public, how do you think Ben and I learned about cryonics if not from information made available to the general public?

In either case, cryonics may be the gateway to a future world of eternal youth and prosperity.

Other cryonicists would also prefer to be cryopreserved at a time of their choosing — to reduce suffering, to gain control of the moment of death and to eliminate the deterioration which often accompaniesa slow death.

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(Ben Best)Cryonics costs money.

You are treating cryonics as if it were sex with minors.

With added technology and expense, it would be possible to store a cryonics patient at intermediate cryogenic temperatures in solid state without thermal stress and cracking, rather than cool down to liquid nitrogen temperature.

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Some cracking due to thermal stress occurs between solidification temperature and liquid nitrogen temperature, but most cryonicists do not believe that this compromises the preservation of the anatomical basis of mind.

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Person's withhave often allowed their cryonics coverage to lapse due to the deteriorationin their mental faculties — again a threat to memory & identity.

I did not mention cryonics in my question.

Then the cryonics patient's brain is rapidly cooled to solidification temperature (about −125ºC) and then slowly cooled to liquid nitrogen temperature.

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(Ben Best)When cryonics patients are perfused with vitrifying cryoprotectants the perfusion process ends when there is evidence (from effluent concentration and samples taken from burr holes in the skull) that the brain has been fully saturated with the vitrifying cryoprotectant.

And similarly, you will believe cryonics is fraud.

For an unreferenced, simple-language summary of the basis of these statements, see:and for a summary based on referenced peer-reviewed journal articles, see:(Ben Best)Under good circumstances, however, a cryonics standby team can provide cardiopulmonary support that is greatly superior to CPR less than one minute after cardiac arrest and pronouncement of death.

(Ben Best) Cryonics is not a money-making scam.

Another example of the kind of legal problems cryonicists face is the case of Dick Clair Jones, the Emmy Award-winning producer-writer of "The Facts of Life" and "Mama's Family".

Cryonicists are at worstdeluded, but we are sincere.

EVIDENCE THAT CRYONICS MAY WORK (Ben Best)It is not currently possible to cure all currently known diseased or to rejuvenate people, but there are good reasons to believe that medicine may have these capabilities within a century.

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Not only is circulation and respiration restored, but the cryonics patient is cooled in an ice-bath to quickly slow metabolism, thereby preserving tissues.

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