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Students and faculty in the continental United States may order books electronically from the USMAI online catalog for delivery to their home (outside Maryland but within the continental United States) or for pick‑up at any USMAI library that is convenient to their home or workplace (within Maryland). In addition to its electronic book-delivery service, ILS has more than 15,000 electronic books (e‑books) that allow users to retrieve and read entire texts online and download or print selected sections of text.

When Hibner and Kelly worked together, they had a goldfish they named Ranga, after the Indian scholar S. R. Ranganathan, whose “Five Principles of Library Science,” first proposed in 1931, are still frequently cited today. “No. 5 is, the library is a growing organism,” Hibner said. This conception of libraries—especially public libraries, where universal access is more important than permanent preservation—explains the metaphor of weeding.

Younger Americans’ Reading and Library Habits Part 3: Library use and importance

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The Efficiency of Library Services essay

its considered by some that mobile phones must be prohibited in public places such as in shops ,libraries ,and public transportation system.
in my opinion mobile phone devices should not be inhibited in general places.
on the one hand using mobile phone to make a call in public places for example ,the libraries,sites in which the reader need to focus on their reading can be annoying and distrubing to other,moreover phones are emitting electrical signals which may have damaging effect on human health and also these signal may interfere with other devices.
in addition to this the people who make calls in public places can not take their privacy as most of people still listening to their speech.
on the other hand phone calls nowadays is critical to a lot of people such as those whom most of their jobs are done by telecommunication, another things that make the phone devices indispensable in modern life are the invention of smart phone technologies which makes the phone multifunctional and being more than just a device used for calling, for example most of poeple using social networks to communicate with each other as facebook,twitter etc, and that is made be possible by using phone as its portable and easy to use,another importance of phones is that their usefulness in emergency situations when someone needs a help
in conclusion the phones are simllar to other devices that the human create and its depend on moral of person and the way he use , and in my point of view phone devices should not be prohibited in public places.

Furthermore, there is also technical issue behind prohibiting cellualr phones in special buildings, for example, hospital. This is because mobile signals could interfere with some some equipments and possible damage could resulted from this. A good example is, the Echocardiograph which is an instrument uses to diagnised heard diseases, could have a significant error when there is conflict between the mobile frequencies with its function. This may lead to misdiagnosis and interruption of the medical proceedure. Therefore, its very common to see a warning sign in clinics requesting the visitors and the patients to switch the mobile phone of while they attending to the hospital.

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Essay on The Village Library - Publish Your Articles

Hi Liz….can you please rate my essay? I would appreciate greatly if you do that, so please….
some people think that the use of mobile phones should be banned in public places such as in libraries, shops and on public transport. to what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? write at least 250 words.

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05/07/2015 · Essay on The Village Library

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Hi dear Liz I am Dilya I would be appreciate you if you check my essay and tell me the band.
Some people think that the use mobile phones should be banned in public places such as libraries, shops and public transport. To what extand do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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hi Liz, please check my writing, i am a beginner here.
My target is 6,5.
Please tell me how can i get it? thanks in advance.
here my essay:
it is true that mobiles(cell) phones should be prohibited in general places such a libraries and shop and on public transport. I completely agree with this idea because of some the following reasons.

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Firstly, Phones can annoy others when they are concentrating. This is because of its constant ringtones or the phone conservation might disturb and ruin the experience of people, for instance, a student who studies in library can easily focus on his study without using mobiles rather than he brings it there. Secondly, signal of mobile phone can cause serious problems in some public places such as hospital by interfering with delicate instruments or equipment. For example, any patient wears implanted device, cell phone can interfere with it and it could be stopped completely.
In conclusion, i definitely accept that mobiles should be prohibited.

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To these reasons and many others, whose power I do not contest, one can oppose many no less cogent. There is, first of all, one could say, a question of distributive justice. Do the rights of the legislator go so far as to allow him to dip into the wages of the artisan in order to supplement the profits of the artist? M. de Lamartine said: "If you take away the subsidy of a theater, where are you going to stop on this path, and will you not be logically required to do away with your university faculties, your museums, your institutes, your libraries?" One could reply: If you wish to subsidize all that is good and useful, where are you going to stop on path, and will you not logically be required to set up a civil list for agriculture, industry, commerce, welfare, and education? Furthermore, is it certain that subsidies favor the progress of the arts? It is a question that is far from being resolved, and we see with our own eyes that the theaters that prosper are those that live on their own profits. Finally, proceeding to higher considerations, one may observe that needs and desires give rise to one another and keep soaring into regions more and more rarefied in proportion as the national wealth permits their satisfaction; that the government must not meddle in this process, since, whatever may be currently the amount of the national wealth, it cannot stimulate luxury industries by taxation without harming essential industries, thus reversing the natural advance of civilization. One may also point out that this artificial dislocation of wants, tastes, labor, and population places nations in a precarious and dangerous situation, leaving them without a solid base.

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It is considered by many people that mobile phones should not be allowed in public places, like libraries, shops and transport. Despite its negative effects, it has some inevitable roles that cannot be overlooked.
I opine my disagreement with the statement in the following paragraphs.

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Cell phone has contributed a lot in many ways. One of the most significant aspects is that it is very convenient owing to its portability. It has different size and shapes. So, it can be taken anywhere with ease. Similarly, it is the granary of knowledge. It is very useful for people to search everything whatever they want. For example, in the library, if we do not find the book which we long to read, we can easily surf internet through mobile and read that.

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