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Swine flu had originated from the first influenza pandemic in 1918.

Students wouldn’t catch the disease going around, swine flu along with seasonal flu would cause many to get really ill, and kids have different reactions to different seasons.

According to the World Health Organization, the second Influenza A H1N1 pandemic in 2009 spread to more than 200 countries causing more than 18 000 deaths.

This flu is also referred to as swine influenza, hog flu, or pig flu.

Swine influenza is not a new disease.

The swine flu that has hit humans has been mainly associated with bonds of the H1N1 virus.

Here we have a leaflet from the Fluzone® vaccine. What do you think of these ingredients? Some dosage forms contain thimerosal. Thimerosal contains mercury, right? And mercury is a super poison, right?

So we conclude that about half of the doctors may reject Swine flu vaccination. Why? Because they know or they have doubts about the dangers and they know that the vaccines are not tested thoroughly.

The only possibly explanation is Swine Flu.

Al lot of general practitioners are just refusing the Swine Flu vaccination. And another 29 % were still in doubt, following a survey published in Healthcare Republic.

There are only two kinds of drugs to treat the swine flu, Tamiflu and Relenza....

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Swine flu: Causes, symptoms, and treatment - Health …

Essay on the Swine Flu in India - Essay Topics

I will also be discussing vaccines, how they are developed, why they are used, what a flu vaccine is in particular, how the early flu vaccine is different from H1N1 vaccine, and why there is a concern about the swine flu verses the regular flu, since swine flu season occurs yearly....

An Essay on Swine Flu (H1N1) for Kids, Youth and Students

The Swine Flu spread through Mexico in April, 2009, and by June 11th, the World Health Organization raised the alert level to a full-blown pandemic across the globe.

Swine Flu Essay - Paper Topics - Essays & Papers

The treatment to swine flu consists of vaccines that have been created by pharmaceuticals that have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

I am writing an essay on swine flu (H1N1).Can you help …

In Lawrence Gostin's “Swine Flu Vaccine: What Is Fair?” (2009), he explains his doubts for the Swine Flu vaccination by emphasizing how rich countries have a large advantage over poor countries in receiving the vaccin...

Essay On Swine Flu Free Essays - StudyMode

The Swine Flu began its massive spread through Mexico in April (2009) and by June, the World Health Organization raised the alert level to a full-blown pandemic across the globe.

Swine flu essay | Sales Architects

Classic H1N1 SIV has been widely reported since an influenza-like outbreak was first detected in swine in the United States (U.S.) during the catastrophic 1918 human influenza pandemic (2)....

Swine flu: Causes, symptoms, and treatment - Health News

Although the origin of the 2009 pan-H1N1 is unclear, the virus is genetically closely related to triple reassortant (TR) swine influenza viruses (SIVs) currently circulating in swine.

Health News - Los Angeles Times

In the past, in Mexico, the Midwestern United States, South America, China, Taiwan, Japan and other parts of Eastern Asia have been found tainted with swine flu.

This essay has been submitted by a student

Every fall season for as long as I can remember, I've made my way to the doctor for my yearly flu shot. But according to two studies published today in and , annual flu shots could be a thing of the past. Unlike vaccines for measles or the chickenpox, which only need to be administered once or twice in a lifetime, flu vaccines are necessary every flu season as different strains become more prevalent. However, researchers with the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (who published their results in Nature) and Johnson & Johnson and The Scripps Research Institute (who published their findings in Science) have identified two promising vaccines that could pave the way toward universal flu vaccines. How they work Both vaccines targeted the stem of a protein called hemagglutinin, or HA, glycoprotein. Most vaccines go after the head of this HA protein, which gets mutated frequently and requires a different vaccine to combat each distinct mutation. This is why you have to get a new vaccine each year, because the vaccine you recieved last year isn't necessarily for the same mutated strain that's making the rounds this year. The stem of the HA protein, on the other hand, doesn't mutate as much. So, targeting the stem instead of the head could be the right path toward a universal flu vaccine. How effective they are at fighting the flu The vaccine used in the Nature study used nanoparticles from swine flu to latch onto the stem of the HA protein, letting the immune system know the virus was in the body. That way, the immune system could respond to it before the animal got infected. All of the mice that were immunized survived being injected with the bird flu virus, which is usually fatal in animals. And More than 60% of the ferrets that were immunized survived after being injected with the same strain of flu virus, which meant the vaccine was partially protective in that case. The other vaccine, developed by Johnson & Johnson's Janssen Pharmaceutical unit and The Scripps Research Insititute, is a molecule that alerts the body's immune system to attack not only swine flu but also bird flu. They tested the vaccine on mice, where it worked well. It didn't work quite as well on monkeys, though those who were vaccinated did have less severe symptoms. Future work The idea behind these animal-based studies was to test the concept out and see if it was effective, researchers with both the Nature and the Science studies said. It's difficult to create a universal vaccine, because the strains of flu that are prevalent one year aren't necessarily going around the next year — and even if they are the same strains, the virus is so quick to evolve, it's possible the current mutation can resist the old vaccine. Seeing the success of targeting the stem of the HA protein rather than the head was a big step in the the right direction. If it works for one or more flu strain, then it's possible it could cover a number of other strains as well, leading to a universal vaccine that doesn't have to be taken every year. The Guardian reports human trials are at least three years off. And until those begin to happen, we won't know for sure if these vaccines will have the same effect. Scientists who weren't involved in either study told the Genetic Expert News Source that they were excited by the possibility of these new vaccines but would like to see further research before jumping for joy and declaring the methods a success.CHECK OUT: 4 big ways the US's longest-running health care program is changing lives SEE ALSO: A cheap, life-saving vaccine that’s been around for 6 years could finally be put to widespread use Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Scientists just discovered 11,000-foot ice mountains, geysers, and volcanoes on Pluto

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