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There are more steps to the water cycle, not only four!

The oceans are, by far, the largest reservoir of water on earth—over 96% of all of Earth's water exists in the oceans. The big ball here is about 860 miles (1,384 kilometers) across (diameter). In terms of the water cycle, almost all water that is in the atmosphere (about 90%) comes from evaporation from the oceans.

Not only do the oceans provide evaporated water to the water cycle, they also allow water to move all around the globe. Ocean currents move massive amounts of water throughout the oceans, and the movement of water affects everything from the climate to the environments where life thrives both in the oceans and on the continents.

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“During summer 2014, I completed my second internship at the Georgia Aquarium’s Water Quality Lab where I helped ensure safe aquatic environments by performing analytical chemistry tests and completing an independent method research project where my findings became a valuable resource for the Life Support Systems Department. Currently, I am interning at the United States Department of Agriculture as a Microbiologist Intern in the Food Safety and Inspection Service Department where my efforts help protect consumers from foodborne illness in meat, poultry, and egg products.”

The Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia is the first standalone school of ecology in the world and is recognized as one of the nation’s top research programs based on the strength of its faculty, reputation of degree programs, and international stature. Students are provided with an unparalleled experience which includes a solid foundation in the fundamental sciences; understanding of key ecological areas such as watershed ecology, climate change, conservation, infectious disease, invasive species, and sustainability; and public service work and field experience through a River Basin Center, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, the UGA San Luis Research Station in Costa Rica, and other study abroad locations such as New Zealand and Antarctica. Students may also participate in the Ecology Club, a cohesive unit which focuses on areas of outreach, service, and nature appreciation and continues to make its presence known on campus.

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Cali Callaway has covered just about as much ground as a student possibly can: three years as a lab researcher in regenerative medicine, developer of a guide for sexual assault resources, volunteer in the community, participant in a number of honor societies, and, for good measure, a world traveler. The Goldwater Scholar is on a clear path to becoming a physician.

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Environmental scientists are in high demand in various public agencies (e.g. the Environmental Protection Agency and Natural Resource Conservation Service); environmental control entities (e.g. disposal of industrial and agricultural wastes, water pollution authorities, and soil conservation); firms and private companies (e.g. international seed and agricultural chemical companies, quality control, land reclaiming, and research); and self-employed consulting.

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''Research has been a cornerstone of my life at UGA. As a sophomore, I worked in Janet Westpheling’s lab on prokaryotic genetic engineering. I then conducted research in Munich, Germany, designing promoters that exhibited transcriptional selectivity and high expression in metastatic melanoma cells. In my junior year, I transitioned into a eukaryotic genetic engineering lab. Currently, we are working on deciphering the gating mechanism of the cell cycle on Sonic Hedgehog signaling and determining its possible clinical applications...''

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What is interesting about the steam coming from a volcano is that the components of water are coming out from deep inside the earth, which is on the far edges of the water cycle. At a certain depth below the land surface you won't find liquid water, due to the tremendous temperatures and pressures. But the molten rock and material making up magma deep in the earth contains chemicals that later do form water molecules.

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Volcanoes cannot exactly get angry, but as this picture of Mt. St. Helens, USA in 2005 shows, they really do "blow off steam". It may not be a big component of the world's water cycle, but volcanoes and geysers do release steam into the air, steam which rises and becomes clouds.

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If this drip sitting on a desert island is hoping to get a tan, she'd better hurry because the water cycle is not going to let her hang around here very long. A water drop laying in the sun on a hot day is just asking to be evaporated by the sun.

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The real boss of the water cycle doesn't even live here on Earth. The sun is what makes the water cycle work. The sun provides what almost everything on Earth needs to go—energy, or heat.


As this picture shows, winds, often at hurricane force, blow tons of snow off the peak. But a part of the water cycle called "sublimation" is also at work. Just as evaporation turns liquid water into water vapor gas, sublimation turns frozen water directly into water vapor gas, skipping the melting phase into a liquid.

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Just like the flowers waiting for springtime to bloom, this snow is waiting for warmer temperatures so it can melt and get back into contributing water to the ever-moving water cycle. In many regions, when large-scale snowmelt happens in the spring, watch out downstream, because significant flooding can occur from the melting of months of accumulated snowpack.

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