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against affirmative action essay research paper on affirmati

In a few short paragraphs the Court advanced from proscribingpractices that froze in place the effects of a firm's own pastdiscrimination to proscribing practices that carried through theeffects of past discrimination generally. The Court characterizedstatutory discrimination as any exclusionary practice not necessaryto an institution's activities. Since many practices in mostinstitutions were likely to be exclusionary, rejecting minorities andwomen in greater proportion than white men, all institutions needed toreassess the full range of their practices to look for, and correct,discriminatory effect. Against this backdrop, the generic idea ofaffirmative action took form:

The racial ignorance in this article is depressing. Paragraph seven is the most ignorant paragraph. It reads: What's gone wrong? The basic problem is that a racist past cannot be undone through more racism. Race-conscious programs betray Martin Luther King's dream of a color-blind community, and the heightened racial sensitivity they cause is a source of acrimony and tension instead of healing.

The first sentence it self is appalling. The more "racism" that the author is referring to is racism against racial majorities, white people. You can't be racist against white people. Racism is a system, hence the ism. If you benefit from that system based on your race, you cannot be subject to racism. You can be racially prejudice against white people but not racist. The following sentence is just as ignorant.

The second sentence of the 7th paragraph talks about how Dr. King wanted color-blind society. He wanted no such thing. Color blindness (when referring to race) is a myth, an ignorant myth. Since the day we are born, race is a constant factor. It is impossible to ignore and must be recognized. Instead of lying and saying we are color-blind we must celebrate our racial differences. The ultimate goal is color-kind society, one where we celebrate racial diversity and understand the history of race in America and the world. Color-blindness is an ignorant escape to a complex issue.

At one point in the article the author says that "Racism is not everywhere"; In fact, racism is everywhere. As I said earlier it is a system. The system of racism stretches all walls; there is no boundary it is yet to overcome. This country was built on racism and continues to thrive on racism. This article is simply perpetuating racism.

Against Affirmative Action Essay

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I am saddened that such bigotry could be published on a Stanford affiliated site. But then again, perhaps it speaks to the strangely conservative mix of philosophies that curdle beneath the surface of otherwise fairly progressive policies at Stanford as a whole.

*It is only referenced indirectly through a link to a page discussing Stanford's non-discrimination policy, which is a non-discrimination policy (not an affirmative action policy) and speaks of discriminaon based on "ethnic origin, sex, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity," not just race.

** A look at any of the legislation addressing affirmative action will also reveal that racial groups are not the only social groups to which the legislation applies. Not, admittedly, that any of that legislation applies in this circumstance, as no private institution in this country is mandated to have an affirmative action program, but -- as Albert pointed out -- looking at the legislation can often be useful in considering the historical motivation behind affirmative action policies. ...

Finally someone is addressing the reality of professors that teach racism. The racist claim that whites cannot be discriminated against because the word ends in ism is elementary and ignorant. If anyone discriminates against someone because of their race then they are racist. The simple and obvious point is affirmative action can be racist. Affirmative action is blamed for not doing what it was intended to do and rightfully so. As long as minorities and women are given preferential treatment there will never be equality. America as evolved and so should the racist attitudes of professors at Stanford who claim diversity but promote reverse discrimination because of their inability to evolve.

The Case Against Affirmative Action Louis P

Pro Affirmative Action Essay - 2147 Words

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The Case Against Affirmative Action

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