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It is important to stress the importance though, of not only learning about the cultures or countries that could benefit you directly or financially. When teaching students global education, they should understand that the best motivation should come from learning and knowledge itself, not just personal gain.

One very important tool to be utilized in global education is through reading. has the capacity for playing a large role in global education. While the classic or "canon" literature that is already read in school should stay, it should be put into separate units of teaching, allowing for an expansion of literature that incorporates books that teach about different cultures through the eyes and voices of those belonging to a different culture.

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There are tons of ways that educators can approach multiculturalism in K-12 classrooms but the first step is recognizing its importance.

Culturally responsive teaching can be integrated into schools to challenge academic failure of students of color and address the achievement gap. The text provides important theory, research, and practice along with case studies and other examples of how teachers can implement education that is meaningful to students.

This text assists teachers in how to become competent educators in a nation that has extensive student cultural and racial diversity. Four areas of focus are curriculum reform, equity pedagogy, multicultural competence, and teaching toward social justice. Strategies about how to eliminate prejudice and lessons on equity are included.

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To sum up what Kerschner's observations were of the school applying global education, she says when we allow "native authors to speak for their cultures" we are allowing a credible voice to depict for us the messages and values that their culture emits, as opposed to, however scholarly or valuable, a mind very similar to ours observing as an outsider to another culture (78). To illustrate this point, I call attention to the classic example of reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad in a unit that teaches about the continent of Africa. Both the author and the novel are a classic, and one of the best descriptions and accounts of ; however, it should be taught concurrently with a novel from the perspective and account of a local or native, such as Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe.

Education, by its very nature, is difficult to ascribe a single definition of success; “making people smarter” is far ...

Ashley G. Lucas, in an article distinguishing and teaching multicultural education and global education, remarks that many teachers have surprising ideas of what the purpose of multicultural education and global education is. Lucas states that many teachers who oversee primarily students of the ethnic majority do not see the need for cultural education because they view that type of education as primarily benefiting the minorities in a classroom-as a way to let them relate to or gain a sort of "hero" (Lucas 2).

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! Establishing the importance of diversity in curriculum over 2 decades ago included a call for reforming courses to address the growing multicultural element of the classroom. There was growing support for advocating classrooms where students from different cultural backgrounds could experience humanities that recognized input from culturally diverse sources. Banks suggested that this was necessary because the “knowledge created by elite and powerless groups in the same society tends to differ significantly”. Furthermore, content must be presented to pupils in such a way that they can connect with it. If they cannot connect with it, due to the teacher’s shortcomings in multicultural methodology, they miss out on much of their education.

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Banks noted that at the time he came up with his five dimensions of multicultural education, it appeared that there was much working against the implementation of multicultural education presently. Teacher education had also fallen short in preparation of pre-service teachers, and staff development for veteran educators, and was focused on other, more urgent matters such as standards and assessments.

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The United States government tried to introduce and incorporate multiculturalism and global education into the system repeatedly since the 1980s but was met with hostility and protests by many of its citizens. Many conservatives feel that global education introduces anti-Americanism, and that multiculturalism introduces and encourages "separatism and disunity" (Ho 1-2). Informing and introducing the general public to the benefits of global education, or cultural education in general, seems necessary in order to begin the process of raising better-informed and knowledgeable youth. If people's fears rest on the idea that learning about others' cultures will bring the downfall of the U.S., then it is of utmost importance to stress the true goal of global education: to raise a more knowledgeable generation that is better equipped to deal, communicate, understand, and help the rest of the world.

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This scholarship presents major pieces within the field of multiculturalism relating to children, youth, teachers, and schooling. In particular the research examined much of the work that forms the foundation of multicultural education. Though the area has primarily arisen from the Civil Rights movement in the United States, Britain, Australia, and other nations throughout the world, the push for equality in society and schools became a more powerful force after World War II when discussions of race relations developed. The field is vast and includes characteristics of children, youth, and adults such as race, ethnicity, culture, class, gender, disabilities, language, exceptionalities, sexual orientation, and religion. The resources that are cited include foundational and conceptual research and contemporary analyses. There has been controversy about the use of the terms multiculturalism and multicultural education. Some scholars believe that the expressions are dated and should be replaced. This is viewed as being more inclusive and general in nature; thus, terms have changed over time. For example, in the 1970s the field was identified as Multiethnic Education. As the field of education became more inclusive, the term was changed from “Multiethnic Education” to “multiculturalism.” Since the beginning of the 21st century, there has been a move toward the use of expressions such as cultural diversity or cultural and linguistic diversity. For the purpose of this bibliography, we present resources that are about multiculturalism within the contexts of student identity development, cognition, linguistic development, the learning process, teaching methods, and educational policies. This will include references that discuss the maturation of children and students, descriptions of theoretical frameworks, examination of conceptual models, and presentation of culturally relevant content. Since Multicultural Education is the major avenue for the inclusion of cultural and linguistic diversity in schools, we begin with the major textbooks in the field.

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Lucas and many other scholars are extremely surprised by this line of thinking from educators and push for the concept that all races and cultures benefit from learning about less familiar ones. The mode of thinking that relates cultural education with only benefiting minorities draws attention to the misconception of minorities not "fitting in" to the mainstream, U.S. schools, and only being able to associate with someone just like them. When we stop both methods of ignoring and treating minorities differently with teaching, and start teaching every student with the same standard of global education, we will produce a more unified and accepting society.

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