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Yet despite the inherent injustice of war, is it ever justified?

Just War Theory was created centuries ago to create moral guidelines for nation-states and leaders to determine when the use of war is justified in pursuit of a nation’s interests. Recently, the U.S. pursued a preemptive war in Iraq based on the alleged Iraqi acquisition of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Essay on Peace: Need and Importance of Peace The issue of war and peace has always been a focal issue in all periods of history and at all to formulate and follow the principles and devices needed Is War Necessary For Peace Essay for securing this primary objective.

The issue of the Just War continued to be discussed and reformulated throughout the Middle Ages.

The phrase "just war" is a misnomer.

Just CauseBefore making war, according to the Just War theory, a nation must have a just cause.

Category: argumentative essays; Title: Ethics in War Are Necessary. War has always been, and will always be, a necessary action perpetrated by man. There are many reasons for war: rage, passion, . on earth!” Who doesn't want

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, and troops on both sides stood down, but the dangers of believing that a preemptive strike might be allowed under the Just War Theory should be obvious.

Religion has the power to cause wars, such as the Catholic Crusades.

This biblical picture basically supports the just war the­ory. But not all Christians will agree with this picture for two reasons. First, because of disagreement over the rela­tionship between Old and New Testaments. Generally, the Christian pacifist appeals to the New, which in his view takes us beyond the precept and example of the Old to a law of love. The just war theorist, however, is apt to see the law of love in the Old as well as the New, so that the New fulfills, reinforces and interprets the Old rather than superseding it. The law of love is a reaffirmation of the underlying spirit of the Old Testament Law, at one with the spirit of justice rather than in conflict with it. Love as well as justice re­quires action to protect the innocent and to repel and deter aggression.

The fact that it is impossible to do so illustrates the innate injustice of war.

Gratian in the twelfth century, for example, added his ideas (culled from earlier sources) that war should be formally declared and that noncombatants should be spared.

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The Unjust War Theory - Progressive Theology

Just war theory involves justification of why and how wars take place

Third, the just war theory does not try to justify war. Rather it tries to bring war under the control of justice so that, if consistently practiced by all parties to a dispute, it would eliminate war altogether. It insists that the only just cause for going to war is defense against aggression. If all parties adhered to this rule, then nobody would ever be an aggres­sor and no war would ever occur. The basic intention of the just war theory, then, is to condemn war and to prevent it by moral persuasion. But since people will sometimes not be so persuaded, it proceeds to limit war – its occasion, its goals, its weaponry and methods – so as to reduce the evils that have not been altogether prevented.

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Augustine's formulation continued to be the classic statement of the theory, though medieval writers tended to stress that Just Wars should be wars of defense.

Just War Theory Homework Help ..

Since then, other criteria have been advocated, including that a war that is launched should have a likelihood of success and that the means used in war must be proportionate to the ends.

Just War Theory – Usa Online Essays

As with any ethic, the just war ideal is intended to be uni­versally binding. The Christian does not have a double stan­dard – one for Christians and one for others. God’s moral law applies to all people everywhere, and all are held accountable (Rom. 1-3). The question, then, is not whether a Christian may fight, but whether anybody at all may fight. Of course, the Christian may still choose to go a second mile beyond what is obligatory, as is done by “vocational pacifists” who claim that Christians have a calling different from others in regard to political and military involvement. But that is a vocational claim not an ethical one, and the person called thereby to nonviolence cannot label all soldiering as ethically wrong.

Just War Theory – 1000-Word Philosophy

Some Christian groups, most notably the Anabaptists and Quakers, adopted a pacifist position, rejecting entirely the notion that a war could be just.

The just war tradition (or just war theory) ..

Though pacifism has always been a minority position (at least since the time of Constantine), it has been generally respected even by Christians who hold to Just War doctrine.

Just War Theory: Research Project. – Usa Online Essays

Fourth, the just war theory insists that private individuals have no right to use force. That prerogative is rather en­trusted to governments in the needful exercise of their duty to preserve peace and maintain a just order. The question to be faced, then, is strictly speaking not whether an indi­vidual, Christian or otherwise, may fight, rather it is whether government ever has the right to engage in armed conflict and whether one should participate as an agent of govern­ment in such conflicts. The answer will depend in part on how one views the political responsibilities of Christians. If Christians may properly participate in governmental tasks, and if limited uses of force are legitimate for governments, then prima facie it is right for the Christian to participate in such uses of force.

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