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With both teachers in schools at the college level for over 25-30 years I have learned a great deal about the politics behind education. It doesn’t look to attain true knowledge.

I dropped out of college for several of the listed reasons. I was able to get decent high school grades without developing any study skills. This was a huge problem. I was homesick, in other words, not emotionally prepared for the college experience. The only parameter that I was given by my father for choosing a major was that “it had to lead to well-paying job”. To meet this requirement, I chose engineering, despite being marginally talented in both math and physics. When the coursework got tough, changing majors did not appear to be an option, since I didnt feel any change would meet my father’s approval. The only person I bonded with was a guy who lived in the dorm next to me. Unfortunately he was a drug dealer. My substance abuse accelerated the downward spiral and by the end of my sophomore year, i was academically ineligible. My dad had informed me in the middle of that sophomore year that we were not likely to have enough money for my junior year, anyway.

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High School Dropouts: Cause and Prevention

All in all, I want kids to know that it gets better after school, a lot better.

So i currently attend a 4 year school called Medaille College. This place is literally a joke, im not ignorant or trying to put college down, but its to the point where everyone here calls this place Medaille High. The professors are absolutely ridiculous… some talk about their life all day everyday and just give everyone A’s, some are semi decent, and some think that the students that signed up for this college don’t work, don’t have bills, don’t have lives and are passionate about their particular subject. Well im sorry that i work 40 hours a week, and that analytical writing isnt appealing to me when my major is criminaljustice. Im not an idiot, but im not a genius. I am debating as of today whether or not to drop out, leaning more towards dropping out. Just cuz this college isnt for me doesnt mean that college in general isnt for me. I think that going to a smaller community college for a 2year associates is a lot cheaper and a lot smarter. Truth be told i am just not happy, i hate stress and i dont want to deal with this place. I am in a 4 year B.A. degree in criminal justice, and this semester i only have one class for my major. To become a cop, you only need an associates degree, you dont even need a bachelors.

I am dropping out of college as soon as I get my AA degree. I was going to go for a sociology BA, but I can’t take the stress and pressure from school and society. If I drop out I am a loser, if I major in an arts field I am a loser that is 30k in debt and can’t find a job with the degree. I would rather take the 17k I have saved up and do something else that isn’t safe. I am also sick of people telling me to work at McDonalds since I am dropping out. F— YOU! Just because you have a degree or are getting one doesn’t mean you are any better than me. So enjoy your degree and your debt when you graduate.

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Despite disagreements or gripes about the value of college, or a specific school, the fact remains that there are tangible gains, both financially and socially, to completing a degree. Like many people, I did not finish on a traditional track, and faced the world without a degree. I wouldn’t recommend it. Finishing undergrad and graduate school really changed my life. I was a first-generation student, and had to learn how to do it on my own.

Sooo I ended up at a lousy foreign med school and lost years of my life studying for tests.

I’m a 3D designer, modeller, and professional in that architecture stuff…trust me, I didn’t study that in a college or school bullshit. That was self learning at home without even asking people or using the net.

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I’m still in my college, it’s a private college and very expensive. The problem is that I can’t focus in studying and making lots of assignments because when I was in high school I barely graduated (not to mention that I failed in the first year of high school then did again and passed). So that concludes: i’m not prepared to colleges or universities.
Well, that’s me in college life…But what am I without college?

Essay on cause of high school dropouts A descriptive essay

Plus five years of college changes, I still have to take General Eds, that are no longer taught and have no substitute classes. And I’m recommended to find Community school that has the needed classes. I might as well transfer and start all over again.

Essay on high school dropout rates

I’ve been in school for 5 years and still unable to graduate, and not only am I in Debt, but because I didn’t take enough classes to make a minor, my school won’t let me graduate. My school no longer lets people graduate without an underline focus, unless your in Nursing, which 7 years is expected and understudy at a Hospital. Our schools science programs now come with required built in minors.

High School Dropouts Blame Lack of Parental Support, …

I can not believe some of the things that I have read from people’s post. The only reason that you people are saying these things are because; 1. You have horrible jobs and make no money from lack of a college degree, 2. Your a complete idiot and did not get accepted to college and are bitter. In these economic times, if you do not have a college degree you will not ever obtain a decent job. But then again, if you like being broke with no money and working dead end jobs, continue life with just your high school education.

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Many of us really need to do other things after we graduate from high school before we’re ready for college. Work in a factory, drive a taxi, tend bar, wait on tables or go do some military service over in Iraq for a few years before making the step to go to college. If you think going to college is bulls… then I suggest you flip burgers in McDonald’s, do sales at Walmart or unload trucks for Piggly Wiggly to witness what real baloney is.

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College isn’t for everybody. If you can find a means of legal income without going to school than do so. People who have college educations shouldn’t lord it over those who don’t have them. On the other hand, those without college eucations shouldn’t go through life with this massive inferiority complex because they didn’t go to college.
Unfortunately, in our highly specialized and competitive society. most of us will probably require some sort of degree or certification to get a decent professional job. Most of our fellow posters who are now scuffing at the value of a college degree will eventually find it is the right thing to do to go back to the classroom. Promotions almost always go to those with the degrees. The higher salaries almost always goes to those with the degrees. Yhe nice houses and new cars almost always goes those with the degrees.

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I don’t want to continue to go to college because in above #4 says Personal or family issues. I’m so stressed. I’m really tired to getting the workload in school and also going out to earning money for my family. I’m so tired.

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