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Taser Guns Essay, Taser Guns Research papers

For instance, to ensure the full effectiveness of tasers, officers are required to endure a full training session teaching them the proper situation to fire this powerful and intimidating weapon.

Necessity of deadly force will include laws that have been passed by the United States Supreme Court, training methods and policies of Federal, State and Local agencies Alternatives to deadly force are less-lethal weapons that are used by law enforcement today, TASERS, pepper spray, bean bag guns and batons.

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However, the TASER has faced massive amounts of bad press and negative views among members of the public....

At the time of purchase, we verify the identity and background of the prospective buyer with the understanding that we will not release the information and it will be kept confidential unless a TASER device is used in the commission of a crime. This information proved invaluable during the investigation on the Stradivarius violin. "We worked very closely with TASER International who provided us invaluable information that the FBI was able to track down for us in Texas," said Chief Flynn, "That information led us to an individual who had purchased this device."

First, by spinning as soon as you see the small muscles under their eyes tighten, indicating that they have decided to fire their weapon, you will stand a good chance of catching them by surprise, and spoiling their aim such that the poor minion behind you is introduced to 'sudden electrical bladder discharge (SEBD - an all too common urinary tract condition in our times)'. Second, you also stand a good chance of dislodging one or both of the probes as they will be hitting a moving target obliquely. And lastly, just by having the momentum of the body moving (especially with arms elevated to shoulder height), you will bring the conducting lines together EVEN if the taser is initially successful in its strike against you, thus limiting the delivery of charge, and quickly restoring your mobility.

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..or.. could've just been a serial number on the taser that was dropped at the scene. The company might just record the owner's name when they buy one of these guns.

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This essay will argue that more officers should not be equipped with Tasers, also known as “Conducted Energy Weapons” (CEWs), and that the issuing of Tasers by police services should be limited to supervisors and specialized tactical units until further research has been conducted on the effects that Tasers have on the human body.

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Tasers, Taser International and messages of the Heart

The TASER is claimed to be the safest and most productive type of less lethal force in use today, with a very quick recovery rate and no-long term side effects.


There are two basic types of 'stun guns', of which the 'flying taser' is by now, in 2012, the most prevalent in the hands of the minion class. This is due to its cost effectiveness, as well as the psychological, and actual physical distance that it allows between taser user, and victim.

A Taser is the more commonly known form of a stun ..

I hate to be pedantic, but please distinguish Tasers (trademark), which shoot darts and thus work at a distance, from "stun guns", the obviously inaccurate name applied to shocking devices which don't shoot anything and thus require direct skin contact to work.

but ordinary citizens also use stun guns as a means of self ..

If you want to get technical, it says nothing about guns either, just bear arms (which I'm guessing refers to the forelegs). Either way, there would be nothing in the constitution preventing requirements that guns stamp cartridge cases with an identifier either. It's still a half measure, however, as guns/ammo can be modified/hand-loaded or simply stolen so as to render them useless.

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Really, if you want to use gun control to reduce crime, nothing short of an outright ban (at the very least on Handguns) is likely to have much of an effect. We would be far better off if we tried to fix our social issues, but I don't see that one happening any time soon. I'm in that small category of people who don't support laws requiring firearm registration, "assault-weapons" bans, gun purchase limits, or wait period for purchases (except for maybe your first purchase), but do support handgun bans (although that would be unecessary if we solved our social problems).

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All that said, taggarts in gunpowder would not be anywhere near the helpfulness of what Taser does, at least not for gun crimes. It is possible it's not actually worth it. (OTOH, we've done a lot of anti-terrorism measures that have a *lot* less usefulness and a *lot* higher costs.)

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Remember one thing, you cant patch stupid. You cant patch gun violence with tech, guns are idiot agnostic, fingerprint scanners and taggents are not a patch for stupid. The only patch for stupid is branding the foreheads of idiots with the word STUPID and then not selling or allowing possession of guns by STUPID.

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Guess he wasn't in the "free speech zone": University of Florida student Andrew Meyer apparently went on too long while asking Sen. John Kerry about his 2004 presidential run (among other questions) and was Tasered and on Monday. Did the police overreact? That's where Internet video comes in handy.

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