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You’ll then look back on the trip and sigh with happiness.

Another wayto look at this situation is from the parable of the strong man. In defendingHimself against the charges of the Pharisees concerning by whose authorityJesus was casting out demons, He stated that a house divided against itselfcannot stand, meaning that Satan would not work against his own kingdom, butthat the work that they had witnessed was the result of the intervention of Onestronger than the strong man. This One bound him up, so to speak, and plunderedhis house. Well the tithe is the mechanism by which we lawfully “bind” thestrong man and plunder his house. Now this plundering occurs because ofobedience to the Word of God concerning sowing and reaping. Otherwise whateveryou obtain in this life is by virtue of embezzlement, and therefore stillsubject to satanic influence. This is why most people still struggle with theirfinances, because either by ignorance or disobedience they have becomespiritual criminals, and their finances remain cursed. Now the devil’s grip onyour finances is broken through faith, but faith without works is dead. Youmust speak and act based on the Word. So by being found faithful in the law ofthe tithe, the Christian will not fall victim to the god of this age who hasmade slaves of all men who have not loved the truth. These consequently havebeen made subject to him through the sin of the first man Adam. But those whohave been translated from the kingdom of darkness, and have been made partakersof the ministry of the last Adam, namelyChrist Jesus, are entitled to the financial immunity that is providedfor by the obedience to the law of the tithe. In the same way that Abram gaveglory to God (by paying the tithe to Melchizedek, in honor of his victory overhis enemies), we also give glory to God by bringing our tithes to the sameMelchizedek ( a.k.a. Christ Jesus), in honor of our victory over our enemy.
a. ThePurpose of the Tithe:

Now I havean interesting question to ask you. Are you an embezzler? What do I mean bythat? The earth and its fullness is owned by God, and it was originally givenover to Adam and his descendents. However he didn’t keep it long, for in therebellion in the garden, part of the consequence of the sin was that thekingdom of the earth fell under the control of the devil. This is why his offerto Jesus during the time of the temptation was legitimate. After taking Him toan exceedingly high mountain, he showed Him all of the kingdoms of the earthand their glory. He then said that all of this would be His if He would bowdown to him and worship him. He backed up the claim by stating that all that Hehad seen had been delivered unto him, and that he gives it to whom ever hepleased.(Luke 4:5-8). The Lord Jesus wisely refused his offer, preferring toobtain the kingdom in a lawful manner, but the implications of the devil’sboasting are staggering. It means that he now has control of all of the earth’sfinances and resources, and I can assure you that he is particularly stingywhen it comes to the children of God. Now if you belong to God but have notbeen faithful in the tithe, then you are not operating through the channel ofsafe passage provided by God. Remember, the tithe is that part of the resourcesof the earth that the Lord has exempted from satanic dominion, thus allowingHis people to be blessed in the midst whatever financial storms the devil maysend. What youmay not realize is thatevery dollar that you have, was obtained from the devil. So if you are unfaithful,this means that as far as the devil is concerned you have embezzled from him,and then he has a right to require it of you at any time or place of hischoosing. And it’s a pretty safe bet that he will wait until it is mostinconvenient for you, to snatch the financial rug out from under you. This iswhy the Lord instituted the tithe, sothat we could be insulated from the economic chains of the adversary.

While journeying on the road, Sal Paradise is not searching for a home, a job, or a wife.

He would pull out of the driveway and turn left on Hazelwood Road.

The 500 Km road from Ambala to Kaurik is also Known as National Highway No....

Judge Holden of Blood Meridian Although Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian tells the story of the kid Essays On Blood Meridian and his journey through the harshest of

Judge Holden of Blood Meridian Although Cormac McCarthy's Essays On Blood Meridian novel Blood Meridian tells the story of the kid and his journey through the harshest of Essays On Blood Meridian

Some teachers feel a decrease of creativity in their lesson planning.

That same vernacular is being censored some one hundred and twenty seven years later, by a publishing company named NewSouth Books, who has released a version of the novel that replaces the amply used word, 'nigger', with what they believe to be less offensive in the word, 'slave'....

Confused, I read the thirty-two text messages I had received in the span of ten minutes.

6 Oct 2015 Success is choice of every individual. Everyone on this Globe inspires for success and the truth is journey to success is never ending.

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Cormac McCarthy confronts these fears in his novel, The Road.

They jump to the store with sweetness on their tongues.

However, dysfunction within a family is much more than self-afflicted stress, it is rooted within the familial bonds that gradually break as a result of conflict, co-dependent adults, perhaps substance abuse, and oftentimes a struggle of conformity brought on by an external source....

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3 days ago Road to success is always under construction essay. Essay, review Rating: 77 of 100 based on 167 . Social inclusion and exclusion essay

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Although the narrator of this poem is faced with a dilemma, he still makes the best decision possible and takes the best road, which happens to be one that no one else has chosen to take....

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Introduction In this essay we will define road rage, look at the causes and effects, and come up with posssible solutions on how to avoid an altercation with an agresssive driver who has road rage.

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2 days ago Essays - Spring 2017 The religion of success is not the same as political correctness, but as I with his theories of power, discourse, and the social construction of That, by the way, is why liberal students (and liberals in general) Essay On The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction are You were also always under surveillance by a cadre of what Jane

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In this literary work, Langston Hughes uses nature to demonstrate and symbolize the unwillingness of his main character, Sargeant, to participate in life.

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Frost uses a closed form with a rhyme scheme of “ABAAB.” The speaker reaching the fork in the road is symbolism for a particular decision that he must make in life.

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They become homeless scavengers, hunting for food, looking for shelter, and following the one and only road to the coast where there might be a sign of hope.

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