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Ten thousand villages represents globalization at its best.

A GLO 364Y (= A GOG 364Y & A USP 364Y) India: Development Debates (3)
Analyzes the 20th and early 21st century development of India as a nation state, discussing the broad range of ideas and policy proposals relating to wealth, poverty, socio-economic development, urbanization, and nation-building. Reviews British colonial policies and attitudes, the ideas of important advocates of Indian Independence, the impact of partition, national self-reliance policies and national planning in the first three decades after Independence, and the more recent economic liberalizations and opening to the global market and transnational investment. Only one version may be taken for credit. Prerequisite(s): declared major or minor in Globalization Studies, Geography, Urban Studies & Planning, or minor in International Studies, or permission of instructor.

We have reached a stage since our evolution that discarding the concept of globalization may not be possible at all, therefore, the strategy should be to find solutions to the threats it poses to us so that we can work towards a better, fulfilling future.

Globalization doesn't mean the store or company has to be located all over the world.

Here are the Harmful Effects of Globalization

Cooking styles, languages, and customs have spread all due to globalization.

Being a citizen of Alberta, this process of exporting oil and gases connects me to globalization because Alberta is contributing to the global flow of products.

Globalization is driven by international trade, which means Alberta is contributing to economic development around the word as well as potential prosperity.

The reason I took a picture of a gas station to symbolize oil and gas, is because with our industry in Alberta, many of the citizens are interacting with people and companies around the world.

Which connects our province to globalization.

It is today's system of globalization that disregards the needs of impoverished individual donors both before and after organ transplantations, in turn creating an international community of disabled people. The imposition of economic structures that fuel competition between private corporations and public entities (such as hospitals) only compounds already present inequalities and hierarchies in developing nations. Experts advocate developing clear regulations for healthcare systems on a global scale and shifting the focus to preventative medicine to avoid problems that lead to organ failure, but if these changes are made under the same systems that are praising globalization as we know it, then they might not really be changes at all (Hoyer 1367; Garwood 5). The disabled community entering into the organ trade, and those who are products of it, would greatly benefit from structural changes in society that work to break down class hierarchies, providing support for those in poverty and making healthcare available that is of the same quality as that received by the wealthy. Such changes could very well be brought about through the process of globalization, but not as globalization is progressing today. The black market organ trade itself could be curbed with proper advancements addressing the conditions of the donors, because, as an Indian report on the ethical considerations of the organ trade noted: "In the final analysis, poverty and deprivation sustain the trade in human organs" (Hoyer 1367).

If every part of globalization worked this way, the world would be a much better place!

Reich asserts that they have been the biggest winners in the globalization game, and comprise most of the membership of those who are shaping the globalization agenda.

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Globalization has changed that immensely.

It is a powerful example of globalization.

In the coming years, efforts to protect traditional cultures are likely to play an increasingly prominent role in new trade agreements and within international cooperative ventures. Indeed, a “global” effort to protect local cultures from “globalization” would be a somewhat ironic development. But increasingly, local activists are trying to learn how to harness new worldwide forces to cope with the impact of international trends that have cultural effects.

They're pretty connected to the process of globalization!

However, as his essay also notes, this does not mean that members of this group are in agreement with each other on many, or any, of the decisions being made about globalization, or that they share an understanding of its implications.—

That sounds like they live with of a philosophy of globalization!

A GLO 103 (formerly A CAS 103) Perspectives on Globalization (3)
The course introduces different perspectives from the social sciences, humanities and the natural sciences used in the study of globalization. It encourages discussion and critical thinking while covering questions such as: What is globalization? When did it begin? What are its impacts on society? What are its impacts on the earth, its resources, and the other life forms with which we share it? How can we study it? The course seeks to enhance a student’s ability to (1) recognize and interpret different viewpoints from which globalization processes are currently being studied and debated, (2) identify the many pathways through which globalization is transforming the daily life and conditions of existence of people and communities everywhere, and (3) identify the diverse processes by which globalization is transforming the geo- and bio-spheres in ways that look to threaten the well-being of earth’s human and non-human inhabitants. The multidisciplinary perspectives on globalizing processes presented, cover among other topics, the economic configuration of global production and distribution networks, the changing nature of the state and political power, the dynamic of global cultural flows, along with the emergence of global natural resource constraints and environmental problems. At the same time, it reviews the impact and responses to globalization in workplaces, households and communities from different regions of the world.

Globalization can lead performers to discard traditional instruments.

Karen Hudson's essay on the global organ trade began life as her final research project for my Clark Honors College seminar on disability studies at the University of Oregon. This 25-student interdisciplinary colloquium included a diversity of majors, from hard sciences to the humanities. Many students had firsthand or familial knowledge of a broad spectrum of disabilities, and the course satisfied a University of Oregon multicultural requirement. There are important controversies involved in teaching disability as a cultural identity to fulfill multicultural requirements, as such courses can permit students to avoid education on race and thus reinscribe white privilege. I addressed this problem by assigning readings and films that show the intersections of disability with race, class, and gender identity.

What Is Globalization? | Globalization101

These Honors College juniors and seniors entered the course already skilled at research, and I encouraged students to design research projects that would fill gaps in existing disability studies scholarship. Karen Hudson's essay provides an excellent example of research that broadens the scope of disability studies through attention to the literature on globalization. Her approach reveals a structural inequality between rich and poor people with disabilities. She differentiates between "the disability community entering the global organ trade and those who are products of it." Hudson humanizes the vast scale of the underground market through her focus on the organ donors and their acquired disabilities. Describing the donors' postoperative lack of medical and social support, Hudson highlights what could be seen as an important area for international disability advocacy.

IELTS Essay, topic: Globalization | IELTS-Blog

A GLO 225/225Z (= A GOG 225/225Z & A USP 225/225Z) World Cities: Geographies of Globalization (3)
This course takes a critical look at globalization and its impacts on cities around the world. Globalization includes an array of economic, cultural, and political forces that are effectively shrinking our world. The first part of the course focuses on the ways transnational movements or 'flows' of trade, finance, people and culture operate in and through a network of linked 'global' cities, the top tier of which function as the 'command and control' centers at the 'core' of the global economy. The second part of the course shifts attention to the global 'periphery' and to some of the lower tier cities of the world's urban hierarchy: in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The concern here will be to examine the local consequences of globalization in two overlapping realms. The first will involve looking for and at evidence of the less salutary effects of globalization forces in these cities: for example, higher levels of social and spatial inequality, deteriorating environmental and health conditions, diminished per-capita share of local resources and infrastructures, and cultural homogenization. The other realm will be an investigation of local activities that occur in response and as resistance to the pervasive forces of globalization. The goal here will be to document and evaluate the effectiveness of some of the local movements and organizations that have struggled for social justice in the face of what they perceive to be oppressive (global) economic and cultural forces. After taking A GOG/A GLO/A USP 225 students will be able to compare cities on the global 'periphery' with each other, as well as with those in the global 'core' to learn about and understand how some aspects of economic and cultural globalization play out and are adapted to 'on the ground' and to think critically about how people might effectively organize their thoughts and exercise their rights to the city in the era of globalization. A GOG/A GLO/A USP 225Z are the writing intensive versions of A GOG/A GLO/A USP 225; only one version may be taken for credit.

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