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The Law of Attraction is a popular belief, emerging out of the , that like attracts like and that an individual’s thought process can transform your life and, ultimately, the world.

There is no scientific basis for the law of attraction. The New Thought Movement was popular in the and early , popularized by Napoleon Hill’s 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich.

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This is the law of attraction.

Proponents of the law of attraction maintain that a person’s thoughts will manifest themselves in their reality. A large part of the law of attraction is the belief in the concept of subjective reality. Subjective reality maintains that there is only one in the universe, that of the individuals. Under subjective reality, everyone and everything is a projection from the self.

The law of attraction has gained notoriety in recent years thanks to the 2006 film The Secret. The film presented several interviews in which it was proposed that anyone can satisfy their wants and desires by thinking about a situation repeatedly and maintaining a positive mental state in order to make it a reality.

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Scientists and skeptics have been hostile to the law of attraction, maintaining that there is no for its belief and that it mischaracterizes the electrical activity in the brain. However, no less a popular authority than Oprah Winfrey devoted two episodes of her show to the law of attraction.

This term paper examines the law of attraction as stated in the book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne.

We can't always control our circumstances, but we can control our responses to them. In this vein, the Law of Attraction can provide the optimism and proactive attitude that's associated with resilience in difficult situations, but must not be used as a tool of self-blame. Our responses to the challenges we face can make us stronger in the end, and the Law of Attraction can be used for that end, but should not be applied negatively, or it can be more destructive than helpful.

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More importantly, critics of The Secret and other books about the Law of Attraction point out the very real concern that people may start to blame themselves for negative events that are outside their control, such as accidents and injuries, layoffs due to the , or major illnesses.

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Thesecommentators appear to overlook a fundamental protection in law: the . It protects speech, including hatespeech. Some Pastors and other speakers and writers from many different religions have created anatmosphere of hatred directed against women, blacks, Atheists, etc., inprevious decades; yet they have never been prosecuted. A Baptist ministerin Texas recently called on the U.S. Army to napalm all .Again, his speech was protected. Even when members of the racist went on random killing sprees, the pastor of the church was not charged under the existing 1969 hate crimes law.

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Now that you understand the Law of Attraction, you can harness this power in your own life. A first step would be to test your own habitual thought patterns to see whether you tend toward optimism or pessimism and learn more about changing habitual patterns of thought. Additionally, this article on can help you make many positive changes in your life. Now is the time to start; your future is in your hands! Unsure of how positive or negative you are and how that affects what you attract? can show you where to start!

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The reason why I believe in the law of attraction, it is a long story. Several years ago, I read a very interesting book The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne. This book introduced an explosive theory in my life. Like a bomb exploded in my brain. Many famous, successful people who comes different fields believe in this law, and practice the law of attraction throughout lifetimes. They are successful business people, famous scientists who have the big influence for the progress of humankind and people who change the world. This powerful law shocked me and made me constantly think about both the law and myself. The law of attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about both in good appeal and bad thought. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest.

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Knowing the law of attraction, I wanted to really put it to use and see what would happen so in 1995, I created a vision board. I put pictures of things I wanted to achieve and attract—like a car or a watch—up on this board. Every day I would sit in my office and I would look up at this board and I would start to visualize. I would really get into the state of already acquiring it.

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There are some reasons I believe in this law. As normal people on this planet, we feel extremely small and helplessness, so we need some kind of religion to support our life. Second, I believe in it because there are many examples of truth in it and I have experienced it myself. Third, this law become a guideline in my life to drive and supervise me to have a correct behavior.

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The law of attraction is like religious belief. As a Chinese, I did not have the religious beliefs. But I cannot control myself when I do some bad things. Like our ancestors, we need believe in something to make life reasonable. When I think of the law of attraction, it is really reasonable, logical, unarguable here. I will attract everything that my inner heart wants. My dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest.

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