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Humble Was Odysseus an Epic Hero?

BK.16 Father and Son While Odysseus and Eumaios wait, Telemakhos arrives' havinggotten off the ship before it reaches home port, and is humblyreceived by Eumaios.

A simple theory that I feel fitsis that at one time Homer was going to have this segment of thestory in past tense as Odysseus, the swineherd and others withthem were looking back on what they did...

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Write on one side of the paper, in ink.

Athena intervenes for Odysseus who is on Kalypso's island-with her father, Zeus, on Olympus.

As the students read the Odyssey, I ask them to look for thefollowing points of focus: Odysseus' character, qualities of ahero, the customs of the different peoples, didactic lessons,forms of government, anecdotes, weapons and other means of"contending," the role and place of women, anger and feuds,monsters, villains, supernatural influences,attitude toward the gods and religion, attitudes toward life anddeathBeginning the Odyssey:BK.1 Homer asks the Muse to "sing in him" and through him tellthe story of Odysseus.

First Assignment:Write a journal entry from the view point of one of the followingcharacters: Telemakhos, Penelope, Eurykleia [the nurse], Antinoos [a suitor]Describe in detail the events that happen in the first twochapters of the Odyssey, up to the last lines of chapter two,"And the prow sheared through the night into the dawn," from thisperson's perspective and limited to the events that thatcharacter would know.

Odysseus was definately an epic hero.

The Odyssey: Interactive Notebook Character Pages Includes: Ready for you to easily line up by using the directions on how to assemble the mini flip. Includes: ★Interactive Notebook - character pages -or you can shrink them to 80 percent for

Write in ink, one side of the sheet on your own paper andstaple this test sheet to the front.

Give details 2.) When Eurylokhos talks Odysseus' men into landing onHelios' island, Odysseus says "I saw the power of destinydevising ill." What happens to cause him to say this?

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Write your answers on one side of the paper, in ink.

What is the relationship between Athena and Odysseus.

[One shouldconsider the effect of this advice on Odysseus and Penelope'slater relationship.] Akhilleus and other men speak and Odysseussees some infamous men punished.

Athena tells Odysseus to reveal hisidentity to his son.

-- Arete and Alkinoos speak [the reader may have forgotten thatthese dramatic events are not happening in the present and thisinterruption serves as a reminder to bring the reader back to thehall], and then Odysseus resumes his narrative.-- Agamemnon tells how his wife betrayed him and tells Odysseusto trust no women, and to test his wife, Penelope.

Odysseus- Character Analysis by Hannah Olson on Prezi

Aiolia-Hermes-Aiaia-storms-Laistrygones-ram-bull-Aiolos Hippotades -molu-cannibals-ewe NOTE: [to students] to perk up the reading, read as if you wereone of the characters: Alkinoos' follower, Odysseus himself, oneof the 'shades,' etc.

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She is overcome, takes Odysseus to bed, restores his men,'fattens' them up and after months, lets them go when Odysseussupplicates her, holding her knees.

Literary Analysis Essay On The Odyssey

'Odysseus was left in the cloister, pondering on the means whereby with Athene's help he might be able to kill the suitors.' (235) This shows Odysseus' bravery because he is brave enough to fight off all of the suitors.

Analysis Of Odysseus Essay Sample - Sample College …

"Help me now as you did then, and I will fight three hundred men..." (168) This quote shows Odysseus regaining strength during a heart- to- heart discussion with Athene.

Essay on Character Analysis of The Odyssey by Homer - …

'"In battle, I am always the first to bring a man down with my arrow, no matter how many more are taking aim at him alongside of me."' (93) This is a good example of how Odysseus was conceited about his supreme athletic ability.

Character Analysis on Odysseus from Odyssey by Homer Essay

BK.14 Hospitality in the Forest Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, goes through the forest to theswineherd, Eumaios, who protects him from the four wolf-likedogs, and takes him in very hospitably, sharing what he has,telling about Odysseus' holdings, the suitors' parasitism and hisown loyalty to a man probably dead.

Character Analysis; Odysseus; Penelope; Telemachus; ..

One occurs near the beginning of this book whenOdysseus reveals his identity and states, "I am Laertes son,Odysseus...." and "we learn" that the man whose fame has gone to the "sky'srim" is right there in the assembly.]Odysseus then begins recounting his adventures after theTrojan War.

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