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Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Essay

• In January 2012, Hamas announced it was suspending all acts of terror in favor of "popular resistance" (nonviolent resistance); was joining in a unity government with the PA; would accept past deals between the PA or PLO and Israel, such as the Oslo agreements; would accept Mahmoud Abbas as the prime minister in that government, which would conduct negotiations with Israel; and would agree to a two-state solution if the Palestinian people approved it in a referendum.27

• In November 2012, the ceasefire ended when Israel initiated an eight-day round of exchanges of fire with Hamas. However, before Israel once again broke an important ceasefire (as it had repeatedly done in the past), Hamas had apparently been on the verge of a radical change in its policies towards Israel. The story was covered in a series of articles in Haaretz by Gershon Baskin, a prominent Israeli peace activist with ties to both Hamas and the Israeli government who had helped negotiate the earlier deal in which an Israeli prisoner of Hamas was released in exchange for 1,000 Palestinian prisoners of Israel. Baskin had negotiated a draft agreement with Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari that provided for a permanent truce between Israel and Hamas — not a 10-year or even a 30-year truce, as Hamas had proposed in the past, but a permanent one.29

Arab-Israeli Conflict Essay: Brainstorm and Thesis

What determines land ownership in the case of Israel/ Palestine?

This was between the Arabs living in Palestine and the Jews living in Israel.

• In August 2006, Gazan prime minister Ismail Hanieh in effect accepted and incorporated the Prisoner's Declaration into the Hamas position, especially its crucial distinction between the occupied territories and Israel within its 1967 borders. He told an American scholar: "We have no problem with a sovereign Palestinian state over all of our lands within the 1967 borders, living in calm"22 (emphasis added).

• In January 2007, Meshal stated that Hamas would consider recognizing Israel once a Palestinian state was established. A Haaretz story noted, "This is the first time that a Hamas official has raised the possibility of full and official recognition of Israel in the future." According to the story, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert "shrugged off" Meshal's statement.23

This conflict was known as the Arab-Israeli conflict.

• In May 2006, senior Hamas members imprisoned in Israel joined with Fatah prisoners and issued the "Prisoner's Declaration." It went further than the earlier Hamas overtures, calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state "in all the lands occupied in 1967" and reserving the use of armed resistance for those territories only.21

Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Essay: Document Analysis

Israel has prevented negotiations in the past too. In July 2002 Palestinian militant groups decided to suspend attacks against Israel and try to find a peaceful solution – but on the same day Israel dropped a 1-tonne bomb on a crowded Gaza apartment block. The militants’ agreement was scrapped.

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Comparison of Available Israel Essay

Israel essay money poverty and consumer items essay

The negotiations for the release of Gilad Shalit have been lengthy and problematic, Israel has even launched couple of operations, saying that the sky would fall in case Shalit is not released or moreover, hurt. All this effort was done because one of Israel’s main principals is to return all the soldiers back home (Rosenberg). The world has witnessed many cases when the Israeli government would swap dozens of terrorists or prisoners just to obtain the soldiers or even their corpses back. The actions of the Palestinians have been disapproved by many international legal and peace organizations, particularly by the European Union, because Shalit holds French citizenship. As for now, there are no news on Gilad Shalit, what is intimidating though, is that every once in while posters saying “To our heroic prisoners – every year a new Gilad” appear, that cannot leave the hearts of Jews all over the world untouched.

Arab-Israeli Conflict Essay: Outline Packet

As a final point, the Palestinian Israeli conflict is the single issue that has generated the largest number of United Nations resolutions (Hanson, p.25). Moreover, this problem has been around on the international scene for decades and has attracted great amount of attention, not proportional to the small territory it is happening on and a small population involved. Today it is hard to say what would bring peace to the region, because none of the local or international peace plans seem to work out. Thus, aside from more devastating aggression, no one can really say what the outcome of the conflict will be or which side will overcome. All the media and the people can really do – is watch. Another final point that has to be made is that one should not try to take sides in this conflict because currently this would be impossible for both the insiders and the outsiders. This is because the countries winded up in a clutter, which is impossible to figure out (Hanson, p. 26).

Free example essay on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israel typically labels acts of Palestinian armed resistance, including against its occupying military forces, as "terrorism." However, even actual Palestinian terrorism — attacks on civilians — has regularly been exaggerated, in terms of both its purpose and its extent. As Igor Primoratz, a prominent Israeli writer on terrorism, has pointed out, although there were Palestinian riots and mob violence in the 1920s-30s, there was no organized or sustained terrorism until the late 1960s, when there were numerous attacks against Israeli civilian targets (such as buses and restaurants) and against Israeli and Jewish targets abroad (the Munich Olympic team, air traffic and others).5 Even then, most historians of this period argue that the primary practical purpose of the terrorism (despite some of the extremist Palestinian rhetoric) was less that of destroying the Israeli state — which it obviously had no chance of doing — than calling the world's attention to the Palestinian plight. That is not to say that it was justified. Nonetheless, even in its earlier stages, the operational goal of most Palestinian terrorism was a limited one.

Free sample research paper on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

At the moment Israelis and Palestinians aren’t negotiating. Israel refuses to negotiate with Hamas because Israel says Hamas doesn’t recognise its right to exist. Recently the Palestinian president tried to get Hamas to recognise Israel.

Persuasive Essay - The Arab Israeli Conflict

Muslims countries support the Palestinians at the UN and other world bodies. But in practical terms they can’t do much. King Faisal of Saudi Arabia once stopped oil supplies to the West for its support of Israel

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