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Is my partner obsessed? Or am I just being defensive!!?

Hi, my name is Jackson and I got a 38 on the test. Throughout my whole life, I have had trouble making friends. My Dad used to always yell at me after meeting new people because he said I need to look people in the eye. I have been researching Aspergers after learning about it in school because it seems to be an explanation for my unordinary behaviors. I have always loved looking at the weather, every day I check the forecasts of many different places. Also, math has always been one of my best subjects. I do have OCD. I can remember being a kid at recess, I had no friends, so I used to go back behind the large bushes and hide. The reason I have decided to comment is because I just moved, and I am feeling more lonely than ever before. I am also very depressed. I feel like I have Aspergers, I know I do, but I feel too embarrassed to tell my parents. Life just sucks being so socially awkward. Do you think I could have Aspergers, and more importantly, how should I tell my parents I need help? Thank you. 🙂

Also my parents have not told me but thought it would be better for me to think I am normal and not labelled. However, I always felt so different as from a wrong planet. I felt guilty and strange and suffered a lot, also with anxiety. On the other hand, I didn’t feel as being wrong officially and created my identity as someone special. Now at the age of 36, I found my identity but had very difficult phases up to finding it. I have difficulties in relationships and always asked myself why I seemingly don’t understand other’s feelings and why they turn away or why they act like they do… My friends now suspect this diagnosis, now that it is more known to ordinary people in this country. I don’t know how I would feel when I had a diagnosis as it would be a disability but I am not disabled… I am just different and have a small problem… Don’t know what to do…

The thought of losing one’s parents and being put through foster care is a child’s worst nightmare.

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[2] “Parents feel mixed-up and uncomfortable about disciplining their children”.

I’m 16, and I have a lot of social issues that are further complicated by high school being a horrible place. I’ve never related well to other people my age, and I have a tendency to talk to adults more often than my fellow classmates. My parents always thought I was just mature for my age and “gifted” (I’ve been at the top of my class since grade school.), but I always felt out of place. After a series of mental breakdowns, I found out about ASD and decided to take this test. I got a score of 46. What should I do now?

I am, and always have been, very clumsy and have terrible spatial awareness.
I have trouble sleeping – I cannot sleep unless it is silent and pitch black and even then I have trouble switching my brain off.
I do not speak in a monotone, however I have a posh voice for no apparent reason; I live near Liverpool, so nobody I know sounds like me. In addition, I cannot put on accents.
I dislike social situations with people my age and always feel awkward with social chitchat, struggling to maintain conversation
I speak very loudly – I have always attributed this to the fact that my brother used to be almost deaf, but it could be something more
I am very particular about a number of things including the light intensity in my bedroom whilst I am working and sleeping. Bizarrely, I cannot brush my teeth whilst others are in the room.
I am a terrible dancer to the extent that I refuse to do it in front of others.
I often act innapropriately and when i try to take part in friendly teasing I am accused of being offensive
I do not rock up and down, but I do tap my feet on the floor and bounce my legs involuntarily; apparently I am very distracting to sit behind in class or exams.
I have little interest in the things that preoccupy my friends
I do not have a special interest exactly – I show interest in pretty much everything and can act obseeively about these things. I do have a lifelong obsession and skill in History
I am of above average intelligence but maths is actually my worst subject
– having said that I would estimate that I am still in the top 15% of the population. My skill comes in analysis – I excel at History and Geography, and enjoy writing essays on these topics.
I am part of a large friendship group but am not close with anyone (I see them more as allies than as friends)
I often zone out during conversations, particularly if I am not interested
I am actually very disorganised and have awful handwriting.
When I was younger, I enjoyed playing with dolls and Lego, however my games usually revolved around revolutions, wars and natural disasters.
I did not have imaginary friends, but I had imaginary place such as the ‘ Warrington Car Shop’
I always insisted that games were realistic – they could have supernatural elements but only if they followed a set of rules
I often find myself wondering about the concepts of reality, existence and our perception of the universe as well as about human behaviours
I dislike people taking my things without permission – unfortunately due to my response, people occasionally do this on purpose.
I do not like talking about emotions with others, including my immediate family. I prefer to keep myself to myself, even if it is lonely.
I have a tendency to inadvertently embarrass myself. For example, I correctly answered all of the bonus questions on a history test despite having not revised. When an intelligent but lazy classmate accused me of lying, I responded that I was not; in fact I have a book on the subject. This was a source of much hilarity to the class.
I frequently bottle up my emotions and then have a meltdown
I struggle to remember verbal instructions and often fail to hear what is said to me; however I can hear small noises such as the hum of electrical appliances (caused by transformers). I suppose it could be described as selective hearing.
If I am reading, I am unlikely to notice you, even if you are shouting at me.
It also struggle with art, music and technology.
I am not asexual, but have been asked if I am – the truth is I simply do not like to discuss it.

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Well, I scored a 40 on this test…and in various tests for Aspergers Disorder I have managed scores that seem to confirm the diagnosis. I think part of me still tries these tests because of what the Doctor, who diagnosed me with Aspergers, told me: these interactions with other people are probably never going to come easy or happen for me. The worst thing I find is that, suffering with co-morbid conditions, people seem to get tired of trying to help you…and invariably want to plug you back into a world on your own where things never seem to look good, positive or even tolerable. So I continue taking these tests, thinking one day I’ll come back as being negative for Aspergers, and then…perhaps then…I’ll be able to conquer the other challenges.

The parents of the teenagers never get any credit during this time period, although they have every right to.

Just try to treat them as normally as you can, don’t let yourself get into any sort of “why me Lord” mode, and do not think of them as being mentally challenged. There is a good chance that they have a high IQ, and will actually be perfectly capable of caring for themselves as they mature. As with any other child, your first duty to them is to prepare them for independent living–so do nothing that will prejudice that.

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Thanks for such an informative site. I can relate with a lot of what most people have written especially Jo. Day dreaming is my life and play acting scenarios – real and unreal, prospective and retrospective is my expertise. It drains me but I cannot help it. Almost every scene of my life is acted in my head prior to and after it happens, and I beat myself up when I think of what I may have done wrong in a past scene. I also try to read meanings into people’s actions and words finding faults where possible and blaming myself for being different. In fact, it was like Jo knew most of the things I do in secret and of course the ones I cannot hide even when I am pretending to be normal. I love my house and adore my bed and I have been indoors so much especially on my bed that it worsened my arthritis due to lack of exercise.
My score was 46 and my son has a diagnosis of autism. After my son’s diagnosis, I was able to relate to him as I could see most of my self in him. However, it never crossed my mind to get a diagnosis as I felt I could manage ok – in my head of course. Recently, I have had to terminate my Phd studies due to health reasons but moreso because of the traditional learning structure which I have struggled with all of my life and which became so frustrating with the Phd because no one around me understood why I couldn’t understand, see the big picture, work out the answer without going through it step by step and of course I became a burden to the research group in the words of my supervisor. I have blamed myself for not being able to do it but sometimes I think I did the wrong programme. I love my house and will happily stay indoors for 1 year with my husband and kids but I need a career that I can enjoy and pursue and execute my responsibilities. I am a nervous wreck because of this, been depressed silently for years now except for my husband who knows but have gotten by with God’s strength. Please will a formal diagnosis help me identify the best course of action with respect to career choice for me and generally moving on? I have a BSc, an MSc and probably will obtain an mphill if I can write up this work but I still do not know what to do with my life especially when I think of all the difficulties I face and will face with social interaction, changing routines and dealing with the assumptions that plague our every day life. I love organising things and planning out things, projects and so on but I have lost every confidence in myself due to this recent situation. I know I am bright and a lot of people tell me that but truly I am a nervous wreck who needs help. People on the outside see the opposite though because I pretend to be someone else. Recently things have happened that my defence wall has fallen apart in school and I felt really exposed and it was really terrible. Not sure how long my defences in public will hold. Please how do I move forward from here. I appreciate any suggestions.
Many thanks and God bless

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I did this test and scored 28, which places me on the autistic spectrum. Being 67, I have never had a diagnosis of autism, but all my childhood I lived with the certain knowledge that I was somehow “different” to almost all the children around me. I later became the mother of two sons, widely apart in age, but both “on the spectrum”, and both now diagnosed as such. As well as my two grandchildren.

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I found the National Autistic Society website really useful, particularly the page about the process of being diagnosed. I had already seen my GP about my sensitivity to noise, so when I told him that I suspected I have ASD he referred me for a formal diagnosis. It helped that he had recently had a patient who had also had the sensory issues.

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