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First, the surgeon opens your abdomen and cuts through your muscles.

While most experts agree that cosmetic surgery isn't a viable treatment for BDD, Phillips emphasizes that there are effective ways to treat the disorder. "The excellent news is that we have two kinds of treatment," said Phillips. "SRIs (serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and CBT. These medication and therapy treatment usually work for people with BDD. And if one medicine doesn't work, you can try another. Most patients with BDD get better over time with these treatments."

They go to a consultation and their doctors say they cannot get the surgery they want or cannot get it done at the scale, they planned on, they go to another doctor that will do whatever they want as long as they are being paid.

Then, the surgeon reconstructs their breast with the fat.

In conclusion, There are many risks involved in plastic surgery.

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People are so caught up in the hype of achieving physical perfection that they deviate from acknowledging the fact that plastic surgery has negative effects on self-esteem, long-term effects on health, wastes money, and can be life-threatening.

Following her second surgery, Jessica felt even worse. She sunk into a depression and her sense of self-loathing intensified: "I felt like all the happiness of having [my breasts] done totally left after the surgery." Researchers have found that patients who are dissatisfied with cosmetic procedures may experience , family problems, self-destructive behaviors and anger toward the surgeon and his or her staff.

Phil show to discuss the risks of getting plastic surgery.

According to David Sarwer, a clinical psychologist and associate dean of research and director of the Center of Obesity Research and Education at the College of Public Health at Temple University, anecdotal evidence suggests that patients who experience negative feelings after surgery may be more at risk of threatening or bringing a lawsuit against the plastic surgeon—or, even worse, to threaten or commit acts of violence against a surgeon or his or her staff.

Not only does cosmetic breast surgery bring fiscal risks but so do the rest of the surgeries given.

More and more people are turning to plastic surgery as a way to make them happy about their appearances and boost their self-esteem in a quick and easy process....

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Medical and surgical options in the treatment of severe obesity.

The desire for body contouring surgery after bariatric surgery.

With the economy rising, cosmetic surgery is becoming more widely available, before it was the rich and the famous who had the ability to surgically enhance their features.

The impact of obesity surgery and the paradox of control.

"I think it can be difficult to identify BDD patients in a surgery setting, and it can be challenging," said Phillips. "The surgeon just needs to ask the right questions, and they're pretty straightforward and simple." Sarwer has some suggestions: In addition to BDD screeners, he said, there are other telltale signs that surgeons can look for. "If patients come in and they say, 'I don't like the bump on my nose,'" said Sarwer, "and the surgeon is having a difficult time identifying or seeing the bump, or if somebody says, 'I don't like the blemishes on my skin,' and there are very few blemishes that are visible, these are some of the signs. This can be signal number one."

“The history of plastic surgery origins in the early 800 B.C.

Since society has placed significant pressure on the physical attributes of adolescents and adults, cosmetic treatments are being performed and considered at an all-time high with patients complying with the potential harmful and fatal consequences.

But is cosmetic surgery the answer to a person with low self esteem.

A published last December in the found that routine use of BDD questionnaires for patients seeking cosmetic surgery could improve patient care. In an interview with CBS in January, Dr. Lisa Ishii, the study's author, that she was surprised at the high prevalence of BDD among cosmetic surgery patients. "The other surprise was just how poor we were as surgeons at picking it up," she said.

The first American Plastic Surgeon was John Peter Mettauer.

By illuminating the experiences of the ones undergoing such changes our article offers new insight in a scholarly debate predominated by medical research documenting the positive outcomes of weight loss surgery.

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In a 2013 study, 1,668,420 Americans underwent cosmetic surgery in order to alter their body to fit the body image they view as the norm in society....

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To prevent situations like this from happening, Papel is now pushing for surgeons to utilize screening tools in cosmetic surgery clinics to detect patients who may have BDD. "The surgeon's responsibility is to at least try and recognize who these people are," Papel said.

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Lindsay claims she was neither asked about her BDD symptoms by her doctor, nor was she was given a screener, and she wasn't eager to divulge her struggles with the disorder. "My regular primary care physician and the surgeon that performed the operation were unaware that I had BDD," said Lindsey. "I knew that they wouldn't operate on people with the condition, and I was convinced I would be thrilled with any result as long as it was better than what I had, so I didn't tell them."

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