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Social Construction of Reality Essay - 1455 Words

McCutcheon asserted ‘(1) that myths “are not special (or ‘sacred’) but ordinary humans means of fashioning and authorizing their lived-in and believed-in worlds,’ (2), that myths as an ordinary rhetorical device in social construction and maintenance makes this rather than that social identity possible in the first place and (3) that a...

Although, Jean’s racial identity and class allows her to be a member of the dominant group, her gender she does not have as much power as White males; Jean builds her life around the racial identity that is assigned to her and participates in the social construction that plagues American communities....

The social construction of race is based on privileges and availability of resources.

The Social Construction of Reality, ..

This model proposes a step-by-step process by which the members of a society construct the reality that they inhabit.

Evident that there are in fact multiple childhoods, a unifying theme of childhood studies is that childhood is a social construction and aims to explore the major implications on future outcomes and adulthood.

How humans explain what is happening as they interact is important for understandingsocial conflict. Berger and Luckman ( 1966 ) see conflict as created socially by theconflict parties out of their everyday activity. This process of social creation happensas we first externalize what we believe is happening. For example, when we make a newfriend (or enemy), we create a relationship. We recreate it each time we interact withthat friend (or enemy). (For example, two physicists often have need for the same labspace, equipment and graduate student at the same time. On one such occasion, they have anasty encounter in which personal insults occur. From that time forward, the joint problemof scarce resources is redefined by each as a conflict.) The new product (friendship orconflictive relationship) is then objectified as it fits into the descriptive terminologyand other parts of the objective order society already has in place to describe suchinteraction. We then internalize that new "objective reality," feeling that itfits our experience and we act accordingly. It thus becomes "reality" for useven though our perception may have little basis in fact. Each conflict becomes a clash ofcontending realties, with opponents convinced it is factually based. Gettingconflict parties to question the objective reality of their conflict permits them toidentify aspects of it truly in opposition from those that are not. Once they realize theyare not in total conflict, they can begin to cooperate in turning the conflictinginterests into a problem to be solved. If a conflict is a "reality" constructedby opponents, it can just as well be reconstructed by them into less costly or morecooperative forms. They reconceptualize reality as something they produce and can thusreconstruct toward cooperative relations. Enemy images are the most harmful andresistant form of constructed conflict reality. One believes and expects the worst of anenemy. Getting opponents to reconstruct their "enemy reality" has been the focusof several "enemy reality" reconstruction projects.

Identity and Reality; Social Construction ..

The final segments of this tutorial introduce two phenomina that play significant roles in the construction of social reality: ideologies and technologies.

Our gender, class, ethnicity, religion and even education construct society, these all determine our experience of reality....

On one side, we have many believing that these issues are caused by social structural factors that create an unequal playing field created by certain institutions and laws within our society.

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Social Construction of Reality Essay - 695 Words

The “Social Construction of Reality” is a ..

The understanding of race as a social construct is best illustrated by the examination of racial issues within our own culture, specifically those that have plagued the history of the United States....

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