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Extreme Sports Should Not Be Banned Free Essays

The nature of MMA as a brand new sport, for which rules, judging standards, permitted techniques, approved equipment, and even permitted participants, are still evolving daily, presents an unusual opportunity for medical bodies to participate in that evolution. The Unified Rules of MMA are barely over a decade old and are known to be imperfect. Medical bodies should be studying the sport and making recommendations to alter its rules, equipment and nature in order to make it safer, and not simply acting in a reactionary manner to seek to ban it outright.

Animals are being used not just as a source of clinical research , but also for the entertainment of a section of the society. There are various kinds of such barbaric acts and to name a few I would say, bull-fights or cock-fights. It has evolved into a huge money minting business. In some countries ,such events are held in a grand manner trying to draw more public attention , and thus indirectly more financial gain. Some sections of the society support their action on religious grounds. I feel whatever might be the purpose behind such gruesome acts, subjecting
animals to such kinds of both physical and mental violence is barbaric and should be banned at any cost. Most important point to consider here is , some animals actually succumb to the injuries inflicted on them during these fights and are left to die.

Should violent video games be banned

Yes violent video games should be banned!

So why the huge cry on animals fighting each other, and is the ban really necessary?

Reasons for Banning Blood Sports

Yes, blood sports should be banned in every country with immediate effect, because it is a disgusting activity and no good can come out of it.

I personally believe that it is acceptable to organize competitions among animals that are not wild such as race. However, the act of hitting and causing damage to someone else is a crime regardless of any discrimination. If the bloody sports are inhuman then such restrictions should also apply to the owners of animals that make them fight with other animals.

Should blood sports be banned essay about myself

To conclude, it is a positive trend that people are criticizing and demanding a ban on blood sports which is unethical act and not acceptable in any culture. The concerned authorities should also come forward and take actions for the betterment of other living beings.

All blood sports should be banned Blood sports have been in discussion in last some years

Before I give you feedback, please go through all my model essays to learn the correct paragraphing for an IELTS essay – particularly the introduction. Please check all capital letters. Also make sure each body paragraph should explain why you think blood sports should be banned. This would probably only get about band score 6 at present. Try to work on your main IELTS skills and techniques.
All the best

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My IELTS test was yesterday,I followed the techniques described in your lesssons,however my word count may be just under the required ,despite good linking,lexical resource and grammatical accuracy,I’d like to ask if I still can get a score of 7 or more if the word count, for example 145 in task 1 and 245 in task 2 , with every thing else is ok.?

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I’ve just began to prepare for the IELTS test and I’m following your instructions and you your videos , but I’d like to ask you a few questions ? Can take the academic IELTS in two months from now ? Also what should I do in this short time ? What’s the best way to do ? How many hours I need to study a day ? Is the Academic test for those who graduated or it can be for under graduated too ? and my accent is american (north america ) is it okay ?the last one how I pay for the test and get my money back ?

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"Generally, players return to the game long before the brain's physical healing is complete, which could exacerbate the possibility of brain damage later in life," says Friedman.

A decade of research in the BGU Laboratory for Experimental Neurosurgery has shown that vascular pathology, and specifically dysfunction of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), plays a key role in brain dysfunction and degeneration, and may be an underlying cause of neurodegenerative complications after brain injuries.

Should Blood Sports Be Banned Essay Help - Always …

Rather, to apply the considerable heft of a powerful, professional lobbying group against a popular activity with a growing fan base that cuts across many levels of society would require, to my mind, convincing data beyond all else, divorced from any consideration of participants' intent. Such data would concern injury rates, degrees of severity, hospitalization rates, and factors predictive and associated with deleterious health outcomes. Frankly, those data do not yet exist. When they eventually do, and if they prove damning to MMA, the role of the CMA should be to consider options beyond just an outright ban.

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Blood sports in general terms means a fight in which animals are involved , and in a few circumstances even results in the death of some. This kind of sporting activity has been there since olden days and has increased greatly with regards to the degree of violence the animals are enduring . In my opinion, such kind of inhumane and uncivilized forms of activities should be prohibited .

Should physical combat sports be banned?

Specifically, it generates more detailed brain maps showing brain regions with abnormal vasculature, or a 'leaky BBB.' "

Study participants included 16 football players from Israel's professional football team, Black Swarm, as well as 13 track and field athletes from Ben-Gurion University who served as controls.

Why boxing and cage fighting should be banned – but …

None of this, though, discounts the philosophical basis of the CMA's objection to MMA: that the proximal objective of the sport is to cause bodily harm to a human being. Even if the eventual epidemiological data improbably shows MMA to be safer than, say, skipping rope, the CMA's underlying philosophy is a defensible one.

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