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Informative Essay on Earthquakes - by Pissoutheass123

Topic: Earthquake
Three Main Point:
1. What is earthquake?
? Definition
2. A little story about earthquake
? My unusual experience of earthquake at China (Please see the essay which I upload.)
3. What should I do if an earthquake occurs?
? Before an Earthquake
? During an Earthquake
? After an Earthquake

In conclusion, earthquakes have been intriguing us for some time now, but hope fully we will be able to predict where they will strike, plan ahead; safety precautions. In the future we may find out how and why to stop earthquakes from happening. But all in all, earthquakes are fascinating, and may be vile at the same time.

156 Words Short Essay on Earthquake for kids

Kobe earthquake plan Essay - Paper Topics

Sep 12, 2017 · Cause and effect of earthquake essay

Many times when the rocks fall into new positions they release energy in a form of vibrations called seismic waves. That release of energy often causes stress to other rocks; they break and come back to their original state. This is often the reason that huge earthquakes are followed by a series of small upheaval called aftershocks. Where the fault is, the first slippage occurs, and that is called the focus of the earthquake. And the epicenter is located right above the focus. Most earthquakes have a shallow focus.

Geologists explain many earthquakes by the elastic rebound theory. According to this theory, the rocks on each side of a fault are moving slowly. If the fault is locked, stress in the rocks increases. When they are stressed to a certain point, however, the rocks fracture, separate at their weakest point, and spring back to their original shape, or rebound. Alas the reason for calling it the elastic rebound, because they bounce back to their original state of being unstressed.

Fukushima Informative Speech Essays - 777 Words | …

Scientists have dreamed of being able to one day accurately prediction earthquakes. One of the earliest ways of prediction was watching animals; People knew that just before an earthquake, animals appear nervous and restless, almost as if they could sense the coming catastrophe. Scientists can make approximate predictions of future earthquakes, but may be off a few years. To make more accurate predictions, scientists are studying changes in the earths crust that can signal an approaching earthquake. Along some faults, scientists have identified zones of immobile rock called seismic gaps; it takes place where the fault is locked and unable to move. Scientists think that seismic gaps are future locations for earthquakes, due to stressed rocks. Several gaps that exist along the San Andreas Fault will probably be sites for earthquakes in the future. Scientists can detect a slight tilting of the ground, shortly before an earthquake. Some earthquakes are preceded by a decrease in the speed of local p-waves. Evidence suggest that the longer the decrease in speed lasts, the longer the earthquake will be. Most scientist would like to be able to control earthquakes. In fact, tests at Rangely, Colorado, showed that when water as injected along a fault, friction was reduced and the earthquake was less severe.

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Cause and effect of earthquake essay

Essay about earthquake - Do My Research Paper For Me

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Calaméo - Essay on Earthquakes: Tips for Writing Essays on Earthquake

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An essay about earthquakes its causes and effects

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