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What Else is More Important than Money?Let’s share and make a list.

I believe I am becoming even more frugal with my TIME than I am frugal with my money (which is VERY frugal). I’m Learning to say NO to things which aren’t important enough to cause the loss of time with the grandkids and kids.

Your points are absolutely valid. Money is important. Without it, it’s hard to do the things you want, and even more difficult to do the things you need to do. Money is just a form of exchange for goods and services. It could easily be something else, like tissue paper or pencils. Just the society we live in.

A lot of things are more important than money, David.

Thanks so much for reminding us of the more important things.

My health, my rights and my right to make choices and have options are all more important than money!

Thank you for this forum. The last two years I was generally unwell. I had terrible headaches. I would wake up with a headache, sometimes go to sleep with a headache. I was always weak. Beginning of last year, I got a viral infection. I had all the money to go for treatment. I would like to say one thing, I was never happy. I am 29 years. I have learnt that health is very important. Family is so important, they are there in the ups and downs. Friends come and go but family stick with you to the end. Money is important too but it should not become our obsession. In the process of chasing after this obsession, we lose what is important.

For me family and health rank higher than money…maybe it is because I have aged and now realize the importance of these. In my younger days, I must admit, that I was constantly in a rush to make more money.

Money Is More Important Than Love – Essay

I can’t say money is important unless I completely agree that man must all conform to standard rules for happiness. I don’t completely agree with that. One of my idols is Jesus. He constantly refuted the importance of money, instilling in his followers the concept of appreciation. He would offer help in return for food, shelter and spirits instead of accepting payment in the form of currency. The fact that man has conditioned us to turn from this approach and to contribute to those who are the Caesars of our time doesn’t negate the fact that money can be avoided, and thus not important to some. Money is a means to an end. If no one in the entire world can fathom a more efficient means then I would call it important. We’ve put someone on the moon, split an atom, cured countless deadly ailments yet can’t find a way to live without a small piece of paper or plastic in our pockets. Personally, I find that to be a sad statement for humanity.

Since he has owned it, its value has gone down considerably, even though he has spent more money fixing it than he paid for it.

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For the Love of Money - The New York Times

Essay money or love is more important - …

Money is extremely important. People who says money is not important had never been poor. Once the basic are taken care of, money is still important but I agree there are more important things like heath, family, and much more.

Which Is More Important Love or Money? - Term Paper

Money is important if only because it’s what we need use to get what’s really important to us. It essentially provides access to everything you want because that’s how society is structured. It’s the designated vehicle to make commerce and society function more efficiently. More family, health, personal time directly correlates to having more money. But as stated above, that’s only true to a point.

Read this essay on Which Is More Important Love or Money?

Thank you all for sharing your opinion. I appreciate knowing how
differfent people think about this topic – I find it interesting & exciting. However,
my opinion is that MONEY comes first, hands down! Everything else is
important – health; family; relationships. But if you or a family member is sick & can’t afford insurance and have no MONEY your choices for treatment are limited. If a family member needs financial assistance (job loss or whatever) without MONEY you can’t be of much help. In my opinion, in our society, the
choices and options you get to choose are mainly based on whether you can afford to do whatever needs to get done. It might be nice if it were different but the fact is you can’t survive in our economy without MONEY!!!!!!!

Essay money is more important than love lyrics

Thanks everyone for sharing your opinion. I have always felt that Health, Family and Friends along with life’s little pleasures are as highly important as Money. Without the above mentioned ones, Money all by itself would not hold ground in anyone’s life.

Money is more important than love essay relationships

i completely disagree with this……..the only reason we have money is because the world isn’t UNITED…if we all cared for each other as we care for ourselfs, i say we dont need money, money is more of a curse and a drug that even he says “we want more and more”. i believe in balance of everything in this world… this world could be 1000 years more advance than now….why?….because we would all be together and work for the same THRIVE……….BUT all humans are just blinded with money..not everyone see’s what is really going on

Why Money Is More Important Than Love - Wealth Pilgrim

Saving money is not a one size fits all program. It’s like giving to charity, you don’t give till it hurts, but give till it feels good. Money may not buy happiness, but poverty can’t buy anything! So saving is a very personal thing, and whatever program works for you is OK. My rule is never pay interest, interest should be earned because it helps to save more money so you get to your goal faster. Another important lesson about money is its not how much money you make, but how much you keep. Stop counting dollars, and make ever dollar spent count.

The reality is that money is more important than love

Living in SouthAfrica, you would think money is not an important thing. Nonetheles, I think money does help make life easier. But the fear of having it ‘come to an end’ makes the greedy want more of it. There’s literally enough money for every person in the world. But then again, greed is the main reason for that uneven distribution. But in this world of -the fittest- the poor and uneducated are rarely given a change to polish their skills and potentials. (Again, refering to uneven distribution of resources).

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