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Levi, an American pigeon breeder, has confirmed that the mature birds are so tough as to be almost useless: ‘It is a problem to dispose of these old birds .

A puppy at 6 weeks of age has not learned proper dog-dog socialization skills from its mother and littermates, nor has it learned bite inhibition. This type of learning is vital for a well-adjusted adult dog. At 6 weeks the immune system has also not fully developed, and the simple stress of going to a new home can cause problems such as demodectic mange. By buying such a pup you are supporting and rewarding exactly the kind of people who should not breeding Boxers. Additonally, many states now have laws mandating puppies may not be sold prior to 7 or 8 weeks of age.

The issue of vaccinations is highly controversial, and there are many different theories as to what is the correct protocol. Some breeders vaccinate every 2-3 weeks with 7-in-1 combo shots. Some give smaller combo shots, some give single shots (parvo only, distemper only) at 2-4 week intervals. Some breeders give one parvo and one distemper only -- and some breeders do not give any vaccinations at all (and have been doing so without problems for decades), relying on the good health of the puppies to overcome any disease it might be exposed to. It is up to you to decide what you are comfortable with -- but do not dismiss a breeder out of hand for not giving vaccinations until you ask them exactly why they don't.

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With the Old Breed Essay #2 - 1 American Military …

To rummage through a purse is to sleepwalk througha sentence - a small enough betrayal of self, but a betrayal all the same.

This heritage, ironically foisted onus when Roman politics raised the faith of a whipped and broken people to supremacy in the laterempire, has naturally kept a strong hold over the weak and the sentimentally thoughtless; andperhaps reached its culmination in the insipid nineteenth century, when people were wont topraise dogs “because they are so human” (as if humanity were any valid standardof merit!), and honest Edwin Landseer painted hundreds of smug Fidoes and Carlos and Roverswith all the anthropoid triviality, pettiness, and “cuteness” of eminent Victorians.
But amidst this chaos of intellectual and emotional grovelling a few free soulshave always stood out for the old civilised realities which mediaevalism eclipsed—thestern classic loyalty to truth, strength, and beauty given by a clear mind and uncowed spiritto the full-living Western Aryan confronted by Nature’s majesty, loveliness, and aloofness.

A breeder may have kept her for showing or breeding, but that potential did not materialize, i.e. she was too small, had a wry mouth, or did not like showing. Or, she may have been diagnosed with a health condition that would not affect her length or quality of life, but would preclude her from breeding, and the breeder may wish to place her in a home where she can get more individual attention.

The breeder may have finished his championship but decided for whatever reason not to use him for breeding.

She may have had a uterine infection, or several litters, and the breeder has decided to spay her and place her in a pet home.

He may have been sold as a puppy, then returned to the breeder because of divorce, illness, moving, or a death in the family.

She may have been turned in to a shelter or rescue league or picked up as a stray.

1 American Military History With the Old Breed by E.B

Two pet-quality Boxers bred together DO NOT automatically make pet-quality puppies. They could make a mess of destruction. Who wants to get lucky?

True pet-quality Boxers are those who parents were breeding quality, which means not only superb temperament and excellent health (including genetic health, which means knowing the lines behind the Boxer), BUT ALSO reasonable conformance (in structure, appearance, and movement) to the Boxer Standard. From these parents may come a puppy who matches the Standard so closely they will be suitable for showing or breeding themselves.

The remaining puppies from this litter are your true pet-quality puppies with known genes for good temperament and health, AND looking much as a Boxer should.

Breeders who do not evaluate structure and soundness, or study lines and pedigrees, produce poor-quality or random-quality puppies. Their genes will be unknown and they will almost always have major deviations from what a Boxer should look like. If you don't mind a dog like this, please go to the pound and rescue one.

If you want a real Boxer, you need to buy from the right breeder. Boxers are not simply churned out of a mold. The skill of the breeder and the genetic make-up of the parents and grandparents have a tremendous bearing on how your puppy will turn out. If you feel that appearance doesn't matter, since you "only" want a pet, you must understand that each breed is kept distinct only by adhering to an accepted Standard. Breeders who don't do this end up producing generic-looking dogs whose features begin to merge into that of mixed breeds. If enough people did this (and enough people bought from them), there would be no distinct breeds at all. Why would anyone want to encourage a breeder who doesn't give a darn about the future of his breed? Just so they can get a puppy today? Because it's right down the street and convenient and the puppy looks cute? Sorry, but this is incredibly selfish and hurtful to the breed.

It's wonderful to rescue a Boxer without any regard for appearance, but if you buy her from a breeder, you're only encouraging the careless or irresponsible to keep right on doing what they're doing.

Leave him alone and he does not know what to doexcept bark and howl and trot about till sheer exhaustion forces him to sleep.

When, however, we come to the grovelling Middle Ages withtheir superstitions and ecstasies and monasticisms and maunderings over saints and their relics,we find the cool and impersonal loveliness of the felidae in very low esteem; and behold a sorryspectacle of hatred and cruelty shewn toward the beautiful little creature whose mousing virtuesalone gained it sufferance amongst the ignorant churls who resented its self-respecting coolnessand feared its cryptical and elusive independence as something akin to the dark powers of witchcraft.

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Sledge is written as an autobiography/memoir

It is impossible to come up with every possible scenario in co-ownership and breeding contracts. They have ruined friendships and caused emotional stress and financial loss.

Think very carefully before co-owning a dog, and put it in black and white.

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But it is easy to admit that a sentence makes youwince; less easy to confront the fact that for many writers there will beparagraphs, whole characters, books throughwhich one sleepwalks and for which "inauthentic" is truly the correctterm.

With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa - Essay

(Limited Registration means the Boxer is registered with the AKC, but her papers will specify that she cannot be bred. If you breed her, the AKC won't register her puppies. Unless the breeder knows you, and is sure you are not going to breed, he will always give Limited Registration to puppies who are not show quality. Limited Registration can always be changed to Full Registration later, if the puppy changes.)

With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa

Facing overwhelming odds with just 16 paratroopers against over 60 German Soldiers, 1LT Winters nevertheless prevails and succeeds in achieving his objective while minimizing casualties to just three Soldiers lost....

With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa, by E.B

(You may think that both parents on premises is a positive sign, and sometimes it is. But sometimes it can mean that the breeder simply bred two dogs together because they were handy, or because he bought them as pups to breed together when they got older. A responsible breeder waits for a Boxer to mature, then evaluates good and bad points, then looks for an equally mature mate who matches the good points and compensates for the weaknesses. If the breeder happens to own the perfect mate at that point, fine. But very often he uses a stud from another breeder.)

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The sheer, perfect aestheticism of kitty’s lazy stretchings,industrious face-washings, playful rollings, and little involuntary shiftings in sleep is somethingas keen and vital as the best pastoral poetry or genre painting; whilst the unerring accuracyof his leaping and springing, running and hunting, has an art-value just as high in a more spiritedway.

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The cortisol levels for the sheltered dogs were significantly higher than the cortisol levels of canines living in households, indicative of stress and anxiety associated with shelter lifestyle....

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